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09 January 2020

What’s the most urgent action we need to take in 2020?

19 December 2019

CRISPR provides hope for sickle cell treatment...

03 December 2019

What do you get when you sample a fish tank for DNA?

07 November 2019

Professor Guillermo Rein tells Horizon why smouldering peatland fires are so dangerous...

23 October 2019

Data science; a profession, a discipline? But what actually is it

21 October 2019

Planning to get in shape with a diet? Research suggests this can actually make matters worse...

20 October 2019

Does nature resort to the same tactics used by plant breeders?

18 October 2019

People raised in cities, with less animal contact and a narrow range of microbial exposures, are more prone to health...

13 October 2019

Measuring which microorganisms are in a person’s gut and how they influence overall health is now a reality...

13 September 2019

What can a 5-month stay on a far-away tropical island have to do with harmful microbes?

12 September 2019

Public action and ‘fundamental social change’ needed to reverse biodiversity decline.

05 September 2019

Fossil colour studies are changing our idea of how dinosaurs looked..

22 August 2019

Mobile forests could help cities cope with climate change...

25 July 2019

Could green fertiliser transform agriculture?

11 July 2019

Transplant recipients may soon have a test to protect against organ rejection...

04 July 2019

Why meerkats and mongooses have a cooperative approach to raising their pups...

02 May 2019

Where did domesticated dogs come from?

16 April 2019

Shark-cams reveal the world through a white shark's eyes for the first time...

01 April 2019

Our food security and biodiversity are under threat from invasive alien species

14 March 2019

How have two and three toed sloths evolved independently of each other?

07 March 2019

What is the noise from whale-watching boats doing to the inner ears of marine mammals?

05 March 2019

How tiny grasshoppers are helping us to understand the origins of species and how evolution works...

28 February 2019

Why do injuries often lead to scars...

25 January 2019

Could microbes hold the key to sustainable agriculture?