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27 August 2015

Not the bees! Where do they disappear to during the colder months?

30 July 2015

Meet the parasites that can take over mind and body, zombifying their victims!

16 July 2015

Does fox hunting actually work as a form of pest control?

24 June 2015

Why identical twins are not so identical after all..

11 June 2015

Ever wondered how your body keeps you upright?

30 April 2015

How low frequency sound gives some animals a peek into the future...

17 April 2015

Death is a terrifying thought to many people: Is the best solution just to become immortal?

26 March 2015

Anus to mouth: why your behind sets you apart...

17 January 2015

Cuckoos: the con artists of the animal world, leave their eggs in other birds nests. These birds need to learn from...

09 December 2014

Re-wilding is taking the world by storm, but should we bring back the wolf to Scotland?

02 December 2014

Hear from the scientists who discovered and identified a worm inside a man's brain, and how they worked out how to...

19 November 2014

What would happen if a human was swallowed by a whale? Could Jonah have survived?

30 October 2014

Just in time for Halloween, a look at nature's spooky animal imitators which play their very own version of trick-...

22 October 2014

Like our classrooms, fish tend to have their own place in the school, but what factors decide which fish gets the best...

09 October 2014

This week the scientific Nobel prizes have been awarded, just as the Ebola death toll passes 7000.

09 September 2014

With thousands of species going extinct how do we choose which ones to try and save?

24 July 2014

In Dr Shahid's line of work they see plenty of people who get things stuck in their ears, ranging from bugs to...

19 March 2014

What does sleep do to your ability to make new memories? Alice Kay investigates...

22 February 2014

UK Science Minister David Willetts promotes science diplomacy in Chicago...

23 January 2014

In the hearts of forests and jungles around the world there exist members of a feral strain of scientist who grew up on...

20 January 2014

The Polar icecaps are melting, but is the news all bad?

05 January 2014

The tiny plants that inhabit the ocean (phytoplankton) have developed a remarkable mechanism to protect themselves from...

12 December 2013

Do you find it harder to learn and adapt to new things than you once did? Do you find you're more forgetful than...

16 September 2013

If a doctor offered you live eggs from a parasitic worm to treat your medical complaints, would you accept? Whipworms...