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17 February 2018

Robert Krakow and Robbie Bennett explain how 3D printing, or additive manufacturing as is commonly known in the...

30 January 2018

Why do engineers add one of the most expensive metals on Earth to their jet engines?

27 January 2018

Flying has become a vital part of our lives. In the one hundred years since the Wright Brothers first took to the air,...

16 August 2017

Blockchain technology developed to guarantee the value of cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin and Ethereum is now being...

21 July 2017

Traffic pollution in European cities can stall children’s brain development and stop them from reaching their full...

15 June 2017

An extremely sensitive radar that can detect when different parts of people’s bodies are moving at different speeds...

11 May 2017

10 scientific breakthroughs to shape Europe for the next 60 years

16 March 2017

If you take humans out of the driving seat, could traffic jams, accidents and high fuel bills become a thing of the...

02 March 2017

New hybrid printers are improving accuracy and scale.

28 February 2017

We slice open an LED light bulb to see how they work and why we need them.

02 February 2017

Europe’s streets full of grand old buildings bring tourists from around the globe, yet it isn’t the ornate 19th-century...

30 September 2016

Metal fatigue has been responsible for a number of fatal engineering disasters, from the Versailles rail accident to...

01 September 2016

Street lights may seem just part of the mundane backdrop of life, but many firms have been devising exciting ideas for...

04 August 2016

Eye-tracking systems will be available in cars from next year thanks to an EU initiative to back loans to Europe’s high...

21 July 2016

Biological alternatives to oil-based varnish are turning wood into one of the most sustainable building materials...

01 July 2016

Researchers are developing electric roads that can charge your car while waiting at a traffic light or even on the move...

01 April 2016

Are electric cars the future of transport? And can they really reduce pollution?

05 February 2016

The world’s hardest natural material also has the most enthralling sparkle – these two properties mean that tiny...

28 January 2016

Researchers are getting ready to test a tobacco-powered aeroplane thanks to a new bio jet fuel...

15 October 2015

A look inside one of the most spectacular feats of engineering: the jet engine.

01 October 2015

Trains are one of the most 'green' forms of travel, but how can we make them even more energy efficient?

13 August 2015

How do we know where planes are in the sky, and why do we occasionally lose them?

23 July 2015

Scientists can now research and explore hidden corners of the world... with drones!

20 February 2015

From knights in shining armour to bullet proof vests: what's next for protective materials?