Introducing: The Naked Gaming Podcast

The team get inside the industry, and hear about and test-drive the latest top video games releases...
05 November 2019
By chris.


Naked Gaming, with Chris Berrow and Leigh Milner


Hi everyone, Chris Berrow here with a short message about the brand new podcast from the Naked Scientists… called the Naked Gaming Podcast!

We came up with the idea of looking at gaming news, reviews and interviews, really getting behind the scenes of the industry.

I drafted in my fiancee Leigh Milner (a reputable broadcaster in her own right!) and bought some equipment, so now we record in our living room (her microphone is the pink one).

The Naking Gaming " recording studio"

Sometimes our rabbit Bailey interrupts our recording sessions...

Bailey, The Naked Gaming Rabbit he gets kicked outside.

We’ve just put out our 10th, and our latest October edition is a SPORT SPECIAL... with a preview of Rugby 20, reviews of FIFA 20 and Mario Kart Tour, and you can hear from the man who wrote a book of poetry inspired by Mario!

We came up with Mario poem ourselves:

There once was a video game character called Mario
Who was born by the river Sagittario (possibly)
He liked eating mushrooms
And dressing up in costumes
But don’t let him eat too much Haribo.

If you can do better, feel free to get in touch!

You don’t have to be a gamer to enjoy our podcast, in fact we aim to keep you informed about everything that you need to know, whether it’s breaking news or features.

So far we have covered the first ever Virtual Reality Church, the scientists who discovered that playing Pokemon can stimulate different parts of your brain, and why people bother to play simulators!

We have regular contributors, including Alex Rhodes (here he is with Jeremy Vine)

Naked Gaming star contributor Alex Rhodes with Jeremy Vine

He often gets set challenges, and is an expert at Mario Kart Tour… although he did recently admit to never having played Final Fantasy before (for shame).

And of course there’s the extended Naked Scientists team who lend their scientific expertise to our gaming adventures.

There are also industry insiders, including the developers behind the smash hit The Room, and Far Cry… and recently we interviewed the millionaire gamer Wolfiez after his success in the Fortnite World Cup.

We’re excited to continue looking at gaming news, and we hope you enjoy what we’re making.

If you’d like to catch our oeuvre, it’s available now here: as well as on iTunes, Acast, Stitcher.

On twitter we’re @NakedGamingPod

And the email is

If you subscribe, Bailey the rabbit will be very happy…

Bailey, the Naked Gaming rabbit


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