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03 December 2019

What do you get when you sample a fish tank for DNA?

31 October 2019

Electrical stimulation may help people overcome freezing episodes in Parkinson's Disease patients...

24 October 2019

Why people’s misperceptions about climate change, vaccinations are so hard to shake...

21 October 2019

Planning to get in shape with a diet? Research suggests this can actually make matters worse...

20 October 2019

Does nature resort to the same tactics used by plant breeders?

18 October 2019

People raised in cities, with less animal contact and a narrow range of microbial exposures, are more prone to health...

17 October 2019

Scientists speed up the evolution of yeast to create tastier and healthier alcohol

13 October 2019

Measuring which microorganisms are in a person’s gut and how they influence overall health is now a reality...

10 October 2019

Antibiotic resistance: How did we get here?

03 October 2019

Better understanding sensory perception could help people with autism and dyslexia

26 September 2019

Can poor food choices can lower your cognitive abilities and cost you your grades?

24 September 2019

What must material scientists consider when they design new materials that make up hip and dental implants?

22 September 2019

An insight into my 8-week internship with the Naked Scientists.

04 September 2019

Not everybody thinks harassment is a bad thing - here's the who, the why, and the what to do about it

29 August 2019

Learning how memory works could be key to treating PTSD.

29 August 2019

Learning new things prevents dementia...

14 August 2019

Excerpt from Rule Makers, Rule Breakers: How Tight and Loose Cultures Wire Our World

08 August 2019

Emotional response to city design could guide urban planning...

30 July 2019

Why eschewing tech may be good for mental well-being...

11 July 2019

Transplant recipients may soon have a test to protect against organ rejection...

22 June 2019

The modern-day equivalent of a scale pan for molecules

06 June 2019

To treat an eating disorder, we need to know what emotion fuels it...

16 May 2019

Teenagers weigh in on the debate...

04 May 2019

Each day, approximately 130 Americans die from an opioid overdose...