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11 July 2019

Transplant recipients may soon have a test to protect against organ rejection...

22 June 2019

The modern-day equivalent of a scale pan for molecules

06 June 2019

To treat an eating disorder, we need to know what emotion fuels it...

16 May 2019

Teenagers weigh in on the debate...

04 May 2019

Each day, approximately 130 Americans die from an opioid overdose...

25 April 2019

Could a cancer vaccine, currently in dogs, make its way into humans?

23 April 2019

Individual differences and interpreting online behaviour: harassment or over-sensitivity?

18 April 2019

Can gut microbes and genes do the job of weight loss surgery?

03 April 2019

Psychedelic therapy may be our best treatment for depression. So must we lose our minds to come to our senses?

18 March 2019

Reading, playing chess or learning a new language may help to slow degeneration in Huntington's disease...

07 March 2019

What is the noise from whale-watching boats doing to the inner ears of marine mammals?

28 February 2019

How can better understanding how we walk help people with cerebral palsy?

28 February 2019

Why do injuries often lead to scars...

06 February 2019

How thoughts can help us shed extra pounds, without the exhaustion...

22 January 2019

What are the effects of using more antibiotics in animals than humans...

14 January 2019

It's something we do every day, but most of us don't think twice about it...

03 January 2019

Scientists pick the discoveries that would revolutionise their fields in 2019

24 December 2018

There are multiple clocks in the body: how do they tick to the same rhythm?

06 December 2018

A study of more than half a million blood samples has allowed scientists to pinpoint the risk factors for a rare type...

27 November 2018

A trainee clinical geneticist talks to a mother whose child suffered from a genetic disease...

23 November 2018

Video games that are specifically designed to test and improve children’s social and emotional skills could enable...

08 November 2018

Smartphone apps and genetic studies are teaming up to fight childhood obesity.

20 September 2018

Scientists have discovered that a single severe head injury can lead to dementia

13 September 2018

Decision-making is part of daily life but in many situations, from deciding whether to hit the snooze button on your...