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08 February 2017

Six years ago Elke Haenisch, now 70, was diagnosed with amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS), a rapidly progressive...

03 February 2017

Understanding how bacteria communicate may help us overcome the widespread problem of antibiotic resistance.

27 January 2017

Eating well and going for walks in middle age can contribute to cutting your risk of dementia in half.

22 January 2017

Decoding a fruit smoothie with a DNA sequencer.

19 January 2017

The part of the brain that makes you feel full could be impaired in babies of obese mothers, researchers believe –...

18 January 2017

New research takes advances in the Alzheimer’s field and applies them to the field of infection biology to help combat...

17 January 2017

Is the antibiotic apocalypse here, and what can be done?

09 January 2017

University of Cambridge researchers have brought the potential cancer causing role of breast implants into the...

06 January 2017

Why this is one therapy that should be flushed down the lavatory...

06 January 2017

Real-time data from smokers’ brains could help them re-programme their minds and stub out cigarettes for good.

28 December 2016

Why are economists playing quantum games, and how does this emerging field relate to the “classical” game theory used...

15 December 2016

European scientists are joining forces to find out more about the impact of common chemicals on human health, with the...

06 December 2016

Shona's story of living with a rare condition called Marfan Syndrome, and how scientific research offers a new...

26 November 2016

Think of the horsemeat scandal. Do the ingredients in your ready meal match the labelling? There is no better way to...

21 November 2016

How deadly venom might hold the key to treating many medical conditions.

11 November 2016

Scientists have found a way of producing electricity and fuel for cars from bacteria and green algae.

27 October 2016

Adjusting the time that chemotherapy is given to male colorectal cancer patients has been shown to increase their...

13 October 2016

Scientists are looking into exploiting the body clock to prevent obesity.

10 October 2016

Would you eat insects to save the planet and improve your health?

03 October 2016

How circumcision cuts the risk of HIV infection and other diseases

29 September 2016

Is passive 'vaping' a thing, and do e-cigarettes actually help you quit?

25 August 2016

Just after a race, most amateur marathon runners have increased levels of proteins linked to heart damage, Dutch...

20 July 2016

Why would parasitic worms have evolved to help their human hosts? The long co-evolution of parasite and host can cuase...

11 July 2016

Can sunlight be used to cure as well as kill?