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12 May 2016

A single nerve that runs from the brain to the gut may hold the key to treating obesity.

21 April 2016

Intensive bouts of meditation have an immediate and visible impact on practitioners’ sleeping brainwaves...

14 April 2016

A new device is helping police train their brains to make better decisions in risky situations...

24 March 2016

Is gluten really something we should all be cutting from our diets? And just what causes coeliac disease?

10 March 2016

A nutritional drink has been shown to conserve memory in people with early stage Alzheimer’s, indicating that it could...

25 February 2016

Beetles, wasps and flies could be at the forefront of the next agricultural revolution...

18 February 2016

Technology is helping halt the wave of fake drugs and their often lethal consequences.

21 January 2016

Musicians are best at following conversations in loud places, and brain scans are revealing how this can be used to...

04 January 2016

Should you New Year's resolution be to eat more Brussel sprouts? Discover the health benefits of the humble veg...

22 December 2015

A greater scientific understanding of consciousness is allowing researchers to quantify exactly how conscious we are at...

17 December 2015

Researchers are using fMRI scanners and specially designed questions to decode your mind, and it’s helping them unpick...

14 December 2015

What goes into a standard vaccine, and how do we know they are safe?

29 October 2015

As well as unique fingerprints, we might be identifiable by a personalised bacterial cloud.

08 October 2015

Vampires might be on to something: does the key to reversing aging lie in our blood?

24 September 2015

What is the purpose, if any, of pain? Would we be better off without it?

20 August 2015

Could we vaccinate people to prevent them from becoming addicts?

06 August 2015

How a special type of glass could help in early cancer detection...

11 June 2015

Ever wondered how your body keeps you upright?

17 April 2015

Death is a terrifying thought to many people: Is the best solution just to become immortal?

26 March 2015

Anus to mouth: why your behind sets you apart...

19 March 2015

Antibiotic resistance is a growing threat to the modern world, is there anything that can be done to avoid disaster?

13 February 2015

How is music able to give us the creeps so effectively?

23 January 2015

90% of the world consumes caffeine. But are we addicted to the substance, and is it any good for us?

30 December 2014

Our four-legged friends prove they truly are man's best friend by lending a paw in sniffing out human diseases...