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31 August 2017

Bee-based maths is helping teach swarms of drones to find weeds, while robotic mowers keep hedgerows in shape.

17 August 2017

Rght now, the human brain is the most complex structure in the known universe – but that may be about to change...

16 August 2017

Blockchain technology developed to guarantee the value of cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin and Ethereum is now being...

11 August 2017

Microscopic structures that can bend light are helping researchers lay the foundations of an invisibility cloak.

03 August 2017

Artificial skin with post-human sensing capabilities, and a better understanding of skin tissue, could pave the way for...

12 July 2017

Fingerprint scanners are all the rage, yet new research shows that this is just the beginning of biometric...

06 July 2017

By identifying the most influential kids in small social media circles, researchers can create positive peer pressure...

29 June 2017

Extremely thin printable solar panels could power your phone and are amongst a range of new ways nanotechnology is...

22 June 2017

Everybody needs a helping hand when they get older – but in years to come that helping hand may be attached to a...

15 June 2017

An extremely sensitive radar that can detect when different parts of people’s bodies are moving at different speeds...

08 June 2017

Half of European adults are either overweight or obese. Many turn to self-help apps as a means to burn excess fat, but...

26 April 2017

In the era of fake news, what challenges do science communicators have to overcome?

04 April 2017

Origami, the Japanese art of paper folding, usually brings images of delicate paper swans and dragons to mind. While it...

28 February 2017

We slice open an LED light bulb to see how they work and why we need them.

23 February 2017

It looks like a standard radar screen, but the technology behind the red flashing dots that alert the crew of an ocean...

09 February 2017

In a world where data storage is becoming increasingly difficult, can we look within our own cells to find a solution?

02 February 2017

Europe’s streets full of grand old buildings bring tourists from around the globe, yet it isn’t the ornate 19th-century...

22 January 2017

Decoding a fruit smoothie with a DNA sequencer.

13 January 2017

Technology alone is not enough to reduce air pollution in Europe, we all have to change our habits and behaviour if we...

08 December 2016

Across Europe, some 10 000 antennas stand to attention: they are in a sense an incredibly powerful time machine.

24 November 2016

Field robots and plane-based remote sensors can patrol the earth and the sky to monitor the gases that cause climate...

14 November 2016

by 2050, over 20% of all electricity could be provided by photovoltaics.

11 November 2016

Scientists have found a way of producing electricity and fuel for cars from bacteria and green algae.

04 November 2016

As the clocks go back, and we descend into winter darkness, Laura Brooks investigates some light based technologies.