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01 July 2016

Contactless-enabled mobile phones could be giving out an identifiable number which hackers could use to track your...

01 July 2016

Researchers are developing electric roads that can charge your car while waiting at a traffic light or even on the move...

23 June 2016

There is a pattern hidden in every photograph — fingerprints used in social media, mobile authentication and criminal...

07 April 2016

Can games increase your empathy or boost your mental health?

01 April 2016

Are electric cars the future of transport? And can they really reduce pollution?

31 March 2016

By combining the power of computers and theoretical physics, researchers believe they can build a human behaviour...

24 March 2016

Your smartphone could become part of a city-wide safety network that can track down stolen goods and warn you if you’re...

17 March 2016

European researchers are helping humans get to Mars by developing faster engines, solar forecasts and better shielding.

04 March 2016

Low-cost machines that can be taught by simply guiding their arms mean that automation is coming...

11 February 2016

New CCTV software can recognise people based on their anatomy or on the way they walk.

05 February 2016

The world’s hardest natural material also has the most enthralling sparkle – these two properties mean that tiny...

28 January 2016

Researchers are getting ready to test a tobacco-powered aeroplane thanks to a new bio jet fuel...

17 September 2015

Can we manipulate DNA to create "living factories" for a greener tomorrow, or is this technology beyond our...

13 August 2015

How do we know where planes are in the sky, and why do we occasionally lose them?

06 August 2015

How a special type of glass could help in early cancer detection...

23 July 2015

Scientists can now research and explore hidden corners of the world... with drones!

17 April 2015

Death is a terrifying thought to many people: Is the best solution just to become immortal?

09 April 2015

Just like the Force, the Internet has its own dark side. Dare you enter the Dark Web?

20 February 2015

From knights in shining armour to bullet proof vests: what's next for protective materials?

05 February 2015

Why a certain number pops up more often than you'd expect, and how this can be used to catch crooks!

20 October 2014

Supported by The Royal Academy of Engineering, the Naked Scientists are offering candidates an opportunity to join...

17 October 2014

Our new Naked Scientists App places our news stories, the answers to science questions you always wanted to ask,...

21 August 2014

Every chemical reaction on earth, from digesting food to powering a car requires a catalysis. We use man-made catalyses...

22 February 2014

UK Science Minister David Willetts promotes science diplomacy in Chicago...