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18 February 2021

The quest to understand animal sentience

18 February 2021

A recent TikTok video features this food experiment. It's not a mystery though, thanks to flavour chemistry...

17 February 2021

Creating digital dancing recordings to preserve traditional Greek dance cultures

25 January 2021

What does the science say about delaying the second dose of the COVID vaccine?

21 January 2021

How root vegetables and ash could make concrete more environmentally friendly

07 January 2021

...and what lessons have we learned from 2020?

03 January 2021

The role of science communication in the COVID-19 pandemic...

28 December 2020

Just when I thought I was getting on top of the rules, with a Covid-compatible Christmas gift-wrapped and ready to go,...

17 December 2020

Understanding where and how the stars of the Milky Way formed

17 December 2020

Different efforts to unify quantum mechanics and relativity have led to vastly different concepts of the meaning of...

11 December 2020

Using big data techniques to analyse archives

05 December 2020

A third of the human brain is devoted solely to making sense of what we see, so it's not surprising that graphs...

03 December 2020

AI processes should be explainable to avoid repeating past human mistakes

01 December 2020

For humans, the ability to recognise, process and memorise faces is arguably one of our most important skills.

05 November 2020

Patches of 'e-skin' could restore lost sensation and detect disease

24 October 2020

The behaviour dubbed 'phubbing' is eroding relationships and basic fundamental needs. Here's how...

08 October 2020

Dark forests have prevented the worst effects of nitrogen pollution, but that is set to change

25 September 2020

Europe needs investment on a ‘wartime footing’

17 September 2020

The pandemic has shone a light on the structural inequality in food distribution and production

10 September 2020

AI can encode human biases, with implications for how we handle the pandemic

05 September 2020

Llamas, new research has revealed, may be harbouring an immune trick that is a potent therapy for Covid-19...

02 September 2020

Researchers in Western Australia have created a buzz about how honeybee venom kills breast cancer cells...

27 August 2020

We can programme plants to grow biomolecules. Is farming the future of vaccines?

19 August 2020

How heatwaves endanger our health and our work