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01 December 2020

For humans, the ability to recognise, process and memorise faces is arguably one of our most important skills.

05 November 2020

Patches of 'e-skin' could restore lost sensation and detect disease

24 October 2020

The behaviour dubbed 'phubbing' is eroding relationships and basic fundamental needs. Here's how...

08 October 2020

Dark forests have prevented the worst effects of nitrogen pollution, but that is set to change

25 September 2020

Europe needs investment on a ‘wartime footing’

17 September 2020

The pandemic has shone a light on the structural inequality in food distribution and production

10 September 2020

AI can encode human biases, with implications for how we handle the pandemic

05 September 2020

Llamas, new research has revealed, may be harbouring an immune trick that is a potent therapy for Covid-19...

02 September 2020

Researchers in Western Australia have created a buzz about how honeybee venom kills breast cancer cells...

27 August 2020

We can programme plants to grow biomolecules. Is farming the future of vaccines?

19 August 2020

How heatwaves endanger our health and our work

17 August 2020

The world is in the grip of the Covid-19 coronavirus pandemic. What advances have we made against the threat?

13 August 2020

How coronavirus is amplifying sex differences in medicine

03 August 2020

When you're sedated, there are radical changes to the architecture of your brain...

30 July 2020

Two emerging routes to a new pancreas

23 July 2020

Turning dairy waster into useful products

20 July 2020

Air pollution and brain development: when does the damage start?

09 July 2020

Quiet and green air travel that uses hydrogen as a fuel

02 July 2020

Automated shipping could solve labour shortages

25 June 2020

Antibiotic alternatives based on bacterial war tactics

18 June 2020

Garden cuttings, food waste, and even human sewage to make coal

13 June 2020

Antibodies to other human coronaviruses are gone within a year of infection, so what is the prospect for long-term...

11 June 2020

A Q&A with mental health expert Professor David Baldwin

06 June 2020

How rapidly is Covid-19 mutating, and what do these mutations mean for the future of the pandemic?