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20 July 2023

A method to prepare important fluorine-containing chemicals directly from the mineral fluorspar, bypassing the need to...

23 October 2022

Social distancing and face mask wearing has delayed language and speech development of babies

11 October 2022

From upcycling plastic waste into valuable raw chemicals, to plastic degrading enzymes in wax worm saliva...

28 September 2022

Blood oxygen levels may soon be measured in the comfort of your own home using a personal smartphone.

16 September 2022

Compounds capable of treating hard to heal wound infections have been isolated from a tree species in Australia

06 April 2022

Genetically-modified lettuce packed with bone-promoting protein could keep astronauts healthy in space...

22 March 2022

A fabric ear containing special fibres that detect sound

18 March 2022

DNA is a robust and dense alternative to storing digital data

17 March 2022

Over a hundred years after her sinking, the most daring polar underwater project has found the lost Endurance...

16 March 2022

Scientists studying social spiders close in on how they manage to coordinate hunts in packs...

09 March 2022

What can we find out about the Roman's living conditions?...

08 March 2022

Researchers have found that adding green lights to gillnets can reduce bycatch by over half...

08 March 2022

Organic compounds released while cleaning can result in indoor pollution

07 March 2022

A global library of underwater sound recordings can help us understand and preserve aquatic species

01 March 2022

Blues and Greens are in this Summer…

26 February 2022

At-home blood clotting tests can soon be done using only a smartphone and a drop of blood...

25 February 2022

Time and Space are linked, and gravity bends both. Now we can measure the Earth bending time over just 1 mm...

24 February 2022

Birds certainly don't need a GPS system to get home

23 February 2022

Flights aboard the "Vomit Comet" reveal oxygen production might be less efficient on the Moon...

22 February 2022

How comfortable are we with facial recognition? What are the benefits, and what do we need to watch out for?

04 February 2022

Is there a smarter way to set goals?

02 February 2022

Rather than destroying the stars around it, a black hole in Henize 2-10 is helping to form them...

02 February 2022

It is a matter of 'when' not 'if' an asteroid will strike Earth, so how do we protect ourselves....

01 February 2022

Tropical forests recover after deforestation much more quickly than first thought...