14 June 2018

CRISPR-Cas9 may increase the risk of cancer in certain cells, according to a recent study at the Karolinska Institute...

25 May 2018

What impact could a more active commute have for your heart health?

02 February 2018

The beginning of the genome revolution?

19 January 2018

Soil samples from all over the world have been studied to uncover the bacteria they contain. The vast majority of the...

12 January 2018

Scientists grow functioning muscle in the lab

21 December 2017

Research has revealed that our microbiome can fluctuate with the seasons.

21 December 2017

Scientists have found that immune system cells provide growth hormones to the developing embryo...

15 December 2017

How the building blocks of life might have formed

08 December 2017

Can computers speak dolphin?

04 December 2017

Evolution in our lifetime?

23 November 2017

Mice exposed to allergens pass on protective proteins to offspring through breastfeeding

23 November 2017

Dolly the cloned sheep didn't have early-onset arthritis, a new study looking at her skeleton has concluded.

23 November 2017

New hair-thin brain probe could revolutionise how we record brain activity

23 November 2017

A chemical released by intestinal worms to prevent the immune system attacking them has been isolated by scientists in...

19 November 2017

Scientists have developed a new method of growing liver cancer cells in the lab, which could greatly improve our...

10 November 2017

New study measures mechanisms for reversal of Type 2 diabetes in rats.

02 November 2017

Drugs present in wastewater used to irrigate farmland can affect the growth and development of insects feeding on...

18 October 2017

Plants use a trick of the light to make their flowers look blue to bees...

05 October 2017

Three quarters of the world's honey is laced with neonicotinoid insecticides, a new study has shown this week.

21 September 2017

A large electric eel can deliver a shock ten times more powerful than a TASER, a new study has shown.

15 September 2017

Bird skulls and brains resemble those of young dinosaurs and may provide insight into their evolutionary origin and...

14 September 2017

Human population, agriculture, tourism and trade are moving microbes around the world at unprecedented levels,...

07 September 2017

Cuckoos mimic predatory hawk calls to trick other birds and increase nest invasion success, according to researchers at...

01 September 2017

Ningaloo whale sharks have a homing instinct and, following forays over considerable distances, tend to repeatedly re-...