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11 October 2022

From upcycling plastic waste into valuable raw chemicals, to plastic degrading enzymes in wax worm saliva...

16 September 2022

Compounds capable of treating hard to heal wound infections have been isolated from a tree species in Australia

06 April 2022

Genetically-modified lettuce packed with bone-promoting protein could keep astronauts healthy in space...

18 March 2022

DNA is a robust and dense alternative to storing digital data

16 March 2022

Scientists studying social spiders close in on how they manage to coordinate hunts in packs...

09 March 2022

What can we find out about the Roman's living conditions?...

08 March 2022

Researchers have found that adding green lights to gillnets can reduce bycatch by over half...

07 March 2022

A global library of underwater sound recordings can help us understand and preserve aquatic species

01 March 2022

Blues and Greens are in this Summer…

24 February 2022

Birds certainly don't need a GPS system to get home

01 February 2022

Tropical forests recover after deforestation much more quickly than first thought...

01 February 2022

The films that grow on top of fermenting Kombucha could be repurposed to filter water

30 January 2022

A passive air sampler can measure personal exposure to coronavirus...

17 January 2022

Brain activity differs between listening and hearing, helping to elucidate the neuronal basis of attention....

01 December 2021

Faster urban heating leads to earlier tree greening

26 November 2021

Partly healthy IVF embryos give same birth rates as fully healthy embryos, increasing chances for couples.....

26 November 2021

Scientists used genetic engineering to 3D print a gel with living cells that release drugs or clean pollutants

13 November 2021

Early birds and night owls risk missing solar cues needed to reset their body clock, risking heart health...

08 November 2021

Whales have been found to eat up to three times more than we initially estimated...

05 November 2021

Dawn choruses across Europe and North America are becoming quieter and less varied

29 October 2021

New combined approach could help tackle deadly bacteria

29 October 2021

Why do some of us walk to the shops one way and then routinely follow an alternative route home?

19 October 2021

This extreme Nordic tradition burns calories with no exercise, and potentially improves sleep

02 July 2021

The rodents are not only taking a toll on the landscape, but also the wellbeing of farming communities...