14 January 2017

A new study suggests retroviruses are hundreds of millions of years older than previously thought

10 January 2017

Our gene of the month has a tale behind it.

08 December 2016

Pandas are highly sensitive to the scales of their habitats, and some regions earmarked for conservation are...

14 November 2016

Scientists from the Wellcome Trust Sanger Institute have found that the ancestors of chimps and bonobos got up to...

14 November 2016

During the 2013-2016 Ebola outbreak, the virus picked up genetic mutations that increased its ability to infect...

14 November 2016

Huntington’s disease is caused by carrying a faulty version of the gene for the Huntingtin protein, but the messenger...

11 November 2016

The genes which allow Malaria to avoid treatment have been found by scientists working in Cambodia

05 November 2016

The first example of a fossilised dinosaur brain has been discovered in a pebble picked up on a UK beach.

28 October 2016

An extract produced by a human intestinal parasite can reverse the symptoms of asthma in mice, scientists in...

21 October 2016

Eggs capable of being fertilised and giving rise to healthy baby mice have been produced in the culture dish using stem...

30 September 2016

Bees can get emotional just like humans, a new study has shown...

30 September 2016

A fat formerly condemned for its association with heart attacks turns out to be powerfully protective against arterial...

27 September 2016

Sonic holograms that shape sound waves into complex patterns to manipulate tiny objects, have been developed by...

09 September 2016

Giraffe have long been assumed to be a single species. However, a new genetic study argues that there are in fact four...

26 August 2016

A new technique that makes whole rats see-through allows scientists to image intact organs, offering a bigger picture...

25 August 2016

Researchers think they may have found a "coffee gene".

25 August 2016

Growing human noroviruses in the lab.

25 August 2016

How lobsters eat poisonous jellyfish without getting stung.

19 August 2016

Birds serenade their incubating eggs to control how their offspring will handle heat.

18 August 2016

Many people complain that going on holiday caused them to catch a cold, and now we may know why!

12 August 2016

A plant virus spread by aphids renders tomato plants irresistible to bumblebees, which rush in to pollinate them, a...

12 August 2016

Living 500 years or more, a species of shark has swum away with the medal for world's longest-lived vertebrate...

04 August 2016

Inflammation and a build-up of fibrous tissue in the ovary as it ages is behind the drop in fertility that women...

29 July 2016

Harnessing the power of fire may have unwittingly led to the evolution of tuberculosis, according to a new study out...