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20 November 2015

Scientists have found a new example of how genetics can code for complex courting behaviours

13 November 2015

Which reefs are most at risk from climate change? Some reef communities are composed of many species already at their...

30 October 2015

Electric eels curl up to double the damage dealt by their electric organs and immobilise their prospective prey.

28 October 2015

The poo of large animals that are now extinct was key to the Earth's nutrient cycle.

23 October 2015

Your birth order will not necessarily determine your personality in later life.

20 October 2015

Life may have got going on Earth 300 million years earlier than first proposed, according to a study of ancient rock...

16 October 2015

Young babies use their tongues to help them to hear and make sense of spoken sounds. Might a dummy make a difference to...

15 October 2015

Plants lace their nectar with caffeine to encourage bees to keep returning and pollinate them in the process.

12 October 2015

Using light, researchers were able to control the heartbeat of a fruit fly, which could help to research and prevent...

08 October 2015

Going for a long run gave mice the same high as if they were smoking cannabis.

02 October 2015

The colours of extinct animals have been revealed for the first time as ancient pigments are unlocked from fossils...

25 September 2015

A man paralysed has been able to walk again thanks to a new brain-muscle interface device developed by scientists in...

24 September 2015

Some bats use a special conveyor belt-like tongue to extract nactar from flowers

24 September 2015

Sitting has been deemed the new smoking, but is fidgeting now the new standing?

24 September 2015

Does being a good parent shorten your lifespan? The answer is yes, at least if you’re a burying beetle with a lazy...

24 September 2015

A technique to selectively deactivate pain pathways from specific parts of the body has been developed by scientists in...

18 September 2015

Endangered Asian elephants age faster and have fewer offspring if their mothers are stressed when they are born.

17 September 2015

Zebra finches who mate for 'love' are better parents than those who don't...

17 September 2015

A study into Mexican fish has found that those evolved to living in caves save energy by not having eyes.

17 September 2015

To help understand what goes on in the mind of man's best friend, five hundred dogs have been recruited as the...

11 September 2015

Antibacterial vegetables capable of blitzing dangerous E. coli infections have been bred by scientists in Germany.

11 September 2015

A cave crammed with fossil remains of a previously undiscovered human ancestor suggests that these primitive people...

10 September 2015

A blood test can be used to detect a person’s risk of developing Alzheimer's...

04 September 2015

A 460 million year old fossil of the oldest and largest species of marine scorpion has been discovered, measuring...