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10 June 2016

An immune system reboot can halt the progression of multiple sclerosis (MS), doctors in Canada have reported this...

07 June 2016

When given the choice of plastic particles or zooplankton, fish prefer to eat plastic. Is it time to ban microplastic...

03 June 2016

Opioid drugs, like morphine, can paradoxically cause chronic pain conditions.

20 May 2016

A tiny organism that lives in soil has been found to reverse some of the physical effects of stress.

19 May 2016

Study finds that having Botox treatment impairs your ability to read the emotions of others.

13 May 2016

Researchers have discovered a new route, which could help explain the very origins of life on Earth.

29 April 2016

Pensioners vaccinated before 11am had up to four times the immune response compared to those in the afternoon, new...

29 April 2016

A gene that adds two years to your appearance has been documented by scientists studying people in the Netherlands and...

29 April 2016

Microscopic beads coated with part of the outer shell of human eggs could act as both a contraceptive and fertility...

22 April 2016

One half of the human brain remains on alert the first time you sleep in unfamiliar surroundings...

21 April 2016

Vegetarianism may the best option for feeding the growing global population if we're to avoid widespread...

14 April 2016

If you go down in the woods today, you might catch a clutch of trees sharing a carbon picnic...

05 April 2016

Researchers have found that pregnant women would be prepared to take part in a gene therapy trial for the condition...

10 March 2016

Bacteria that can degrade PET, one of the most commonly used forms of plastic, have been identified by Japanese...

25 February 2016

A genetic analysis of Australian aborigines confirms when their earliest ancestors first arrived on the Antipodean...

19 February 2016

A map charting the ecosystems most vulnerable to a changing climate has been produced by scientists in Norway.

19 February 2016

A technique to reprogramme immune cells to wipe out cancer has been tested successfully by scientists in America.

08 February 2016

London-based researchers have received permission to edit the genomes of human embryos for research purposes.

08 February 2016

A public health emergency has been declared this week by The World Health Organisation around the outbreak of Zika...

29 January 2016

Seagrasses, which evolved on land and have since migrated back into the world's oceans, might hold the key to...

22 January 2016

What are the limitations to running up a wall like a spider?

18 December 2015

A plant protein used to communicate with friendly soil fungi has been identified by Cambridge University scientists.

11 December 2015

Attending life drawing classes improves your body image, research has found.

07 December 2015

More than 90% of the world's migrating birds are not protected across all of the territories they fly through.