24 August 2017

Chemicals released by gut microbes slow down the ageing process in worms, flies and even mice, scientists announced...

18 August 2017

Disabling and disruptive to the lives of sufferers, obsessive compulsive disorder (OCD) affects around 740,000 people...

16 August 2017

Repairing damaged organs with injectable tissue bandages may only be a heartbeat away ...

15 August 2017

Cellular garbage disposal structures, known as lysosomes, may be worsening damage caused by Alzheimer’s disease,...

19 March 2017

From the noses of West Africans, South Asians, East Asians, and Northern Europeans, new research has found populations...

27 February 2017

Many of us are probably all too familiar with the looming dread that comes with the morning after a night of drinking....

13 January 2017

"Weekend warriors" reduce their mortality risk by 30%.

10 January 2017

Our gene of the month has a tale behind it.

03 December 2016

Prostate cancer is diagnosed in more than a million men every year, and the rates have more than doubled in recent...

03 December 2016

Cambridge scientists have developed a technique to turn skin into blood vessel muscle cells to uncover new treatments...

02 December 2016

Going to bed angry or upset may make it harder to suppress negative emotional memories.

26 November 2016

The microbes in our gut turn our genes on and off - and the healthier we eat, the more they do so, a new study finds.

23 November 2016

Children who are bullied are more likely to be overweight when they become adults according to new research.

14 November 2016

Huntington’s disease is caused by carrying a faulty version of the gene for the Huntingtin protein, but the messenger...

05 November 2016

A way to read the entire genome of a developing foetus non-invasively and from as early as 5 weeks into development...

20 October 2016

Scientists have shown that sufferers of chronic back pain report a reduction in pain when given pills they know to be...

14 October 2016

An electronic implant has enabled a spinal injury patient to experience sensations from his hand for the first time...

07 October 2016

New research suggests that living forever is off the cards

25 August 2016

Researchers think they may have found a "coffee gene".

25 August 2016

Growing human noroviruses in the lab.

18 August 2016

Many people complain that going on holiday caused them to catch a cold, and now we may know why!

12 August 2016

A new chemical has been developed to treat parasitic infections responsible for three deadly tropical diseases.

04 August 2016

Inflammation and a build-up of fibrous tissue in the ovary as it ages is behind the drop in fertility that women...

01 July 2016

A system for growing heart cells on a 3D electrically-conductive meshwork to study their behaviour has been developed...