16 March 2017

A new way to tackle brain tumours has been tested successfully in mice by researchers in the US.

12 February 2017

For centuries, people have wondered what happens to us after we die. While the question will likely remain one of the...

03 February 2017

Stem cells made from adult skin and programmed to hunt down tumours have been developed by scientists in the US.

26 January 2017

A computer programme, designed to teach itself, can spot skin cancers as successfully as a panel of trained skin...

24 October 2016

Surprising insights into chemotherapy-resistant leukaemia cells open up routes for more effective treatments.

03 August 2016

New anti-cancer patch combats colon cancer using targeted therapy.

03 June 2016

A technique to trigger an anti-cancer immune response potentially capable of neutralising any tumour has been...

27 May 2016

New insights into how cancers recur have been revealed by scientists in the US.

19 February 2016

A technique to reprogramme immune cells to wipe out cancer has been tested successfully by scientists in America.

14 December 2015

A technique that uses sounds emitted by cancer cells to detect the spread of the disease has been tested successfully...

09 October 2015

Far from boosting vitality, antioxidant vitamins might aid the spread of skin cancers around the body, a study in mice...

10 May 2015

Not only do naked mole rats look unusual, they are also resistant to cancer, thanks to a unique gene.

08 May 2015

Mini tumours grown from a patient's cancer can help to pinpoint the right treatment for an individual's...

16 April 2015

Salmonella can be harnessed to kill cancers.

20 March 2015

A way to reprogramme leukaemia cells to disable their malignant tendencies has been announced by scientists in the US.

10 March 2015

Scientists have discovered that our cells' 'spellchecker' doesn't work equally well across the...

05 March 2015

Oxygen may be a new weapon in the fight against cancer

08 January 2015

Bowhead whales have evolved anti-ageing DNA-repair systems to outlive almost all other animals on earth.

14 October 2014

Writing in the journal Cancer Research this month, Spanish researchers have characterised the dog epigenome in...

07 June 2014

Researchers have deciphered the genome sequence of the blind mole rat - an unusual underground creature that is...

07 May 2014

A new study suggests a reason why men may have shorter average lifespans than women - it could be down to misplaced Y...

07 May 2014

Researchers at Cambridge University have made a step forward in understanding - and maybe tackling - a rare accelerated...

29 January 2014

Antioxidants, widely regarded as a means to protect cells against the damage done by metabolic stress, may actually...

22 November 2013

A new way to spot cancerous cells speedily, by looking at their stiffness, has been developed by US scientists.