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20 July 2017

Modern-day chemical engineers have built better batteries equipped with molecular pulleys...

07 April 2017

With photosynthesis levels rising, could plants be the key to combating climate change?

12 January 2017

At ten thousand times smaller than a human hair, chemists in Manchester, England, have tied the world's tiniest...

04 November 2016

Three square metres of Arctic sea ice are lost for every ton of carbon dioxide emitted by anyone on our planet, a new...

03 November 2016

Plants that use nanoparticles to pick up the presence of pollution, or even explosives, have been engineered by...

07 October 2016

How cells recycle their waste, the mechanics of superconductivity and the crafting of nano-scale motors were...

16 September 2016

A new concept in energy storage based on water and capable of soaking up power from solar cells has been developed by...

26 August 2016

Rigid robots step aside — the octopus-shaped soft equivalent, “octobot” is wiggling around.

25 August 2016

Researchers think they may have found a "coffee gene".

03 August 2016

New anti-cancer patch combats colon cancer using targeted therapy.

20 July 2016

A technique for storing data using individual atoms has been announced by scientists in the Netherlands...

11 July 2016

A breakthrough in vaccination technology that could speed up the production of vaccines for Ebola, Zika or the Flu...

11 July 2016

Electronic nose senses pesticides and terrorism threats.

04 July 2016

Using a new exploration technique, scientists have identified a huge helium reserve in an area of high volcanic...

01 July 2016

A new, non-stick surface for shampoo bottles could boost recycling.

24 June 2016

An electric field applied to liquid chocolate during processing makes it possible to cut the fat content.

10 June 2016

A new coating, illuminated by a low-cost infrared laser, can produce powerful beams of warm white light.

27 May 2016

A new generation of "optical" clock promises to make time-keeping even more accurate.

13 May 2016

Researchers have discovered a new route, which could help explain the very origins of life on Earth.

10 March 2016

Bacteria that can degrade PET, one of the most commonly used forms of plastic, have been identified by Japanese...

11 January 2016

The seventh row of the periodic table has been completed with the addition of four new super-heavy metals

08 October 2015

A new material has been created that can delay the development of ice, even at temperatures down to 6°C below freezing.

02 October 2015

Self-propelled particles that fizz their way upstream into blood vessels to block bleeding have been developed by...

01 October 2015

A new technique for stopping severe bleeding propels treatments straight to the source