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24 June 2016

An electric field applied to liquid chocolate during processing makes it possible to cut the fat content.

10 June 2016

A new coating, illuminated by a low-cost infrared laser, can produce powerful beams of warm white light.

27 May 2016

A new generation of "optical" clock promises to make time-keeping even more accurate.

13 May 2016

Researchers have discovered a new route, which could help explain the very origins of life on Earth.

10 March 2016

Bacteria that can degrade PET, one of the most commonly used forms of plastic, have been identified by Japanese...

11 January 2016

The seventh row of the periodic table has been completed with the addition of four new super-heavy metals

08 October 2015

A new material has been created that can delay the development of ice, even at temperatures down to 6°C below freezing.

02 October 2015

Self-propelled particles that fizz their way upstream into blood vessels to block bleeding have been developed by...

01 October 2015

A new technique for stopping severe bleeding propels treatments straight to the source

17 September 2015

A record efficiency has been achieved for the production of hydrogen from sunlight using an artificial leaf.

21 August 2015

Roads, and their environmental impacts, often have negative impacts on wildlife, air quality and climate change but...

24 July 2015

A new, rocket-powered punt powered by Chelsea buns has been launched by the Cambridge Science Centre...

17 July 2015

A large study from the US shows a strong link between being a funeral director and the risk of developing motorneurone...

10 July 2015

Achieving pain-killing benefits from medical marijuana use without negative mood- and memory-altering side effects may...

18 June 2015

Evaporating water can be used as an energy source to generate electricity using bacterial spores found in soil.

02 May 2015

A cocktail of chemicals in urine can be used to spot individuals at risk from obesity-related diseases, a new study has...

17 April 2015

A mirror that cannot get dirty and a meshwork capable of instantly separating oil from water, have been developed by...

06 February 2015

The way scorpion venom kills its victims has inspired a novel way to look for new drugs

30 January 2015

Scientists have developed a technique to reverse the cooking effects of boiling an egg.

22 January 2015

New super-metal surfaces fashioned with a laser are so water repellent they can wash away dirt with only a tiny amount...

16 January 2015

Space ice contains the chemical building blocks for life

15 December 2014

Lasers simulate asteroid and comet impacts and create the building blocks of DNA - in a lab!

14 November 2014

Lightening strikes will happen twice as often as climate changes, says new Californian research.

06 November 2014

A super-tough enzyme can help to capture carbon dioxide from coal-fired power stations...