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20 June 2014

Bananas modified to have more vitamin A and iron to help combat chronic nutritional deficiencies - but do they taste...

20 June 2014

This week the USA has carried out its first executions since a botched lethal injection in April. But how does the...

13 June 2014

New way to monitor drug levels, with a digital camera.

08 May 2014

A new pair of artificial DNA letters have been engineered into bacteria by US scientists.

07 January 2014

Will use of renewable energy take off in 2014?

05 January 2014

Graphene looks set to enter mass market manufacturing in 2014...

14 November 2013

The 2013 opium harvest was the largest on record. We explore its history in Quick Fire Science

31 October 2013

Bonfire Night is fast approaching: so what is the chemistry of fireworks?

24 October 2013

GM plants with high leaf oil content could transform farming, while reducing environmental damage

20 October 2013

Blood from the last meal consumed by a mosquito 46 million years ago has been identified inside a fossilised mosquito...

15 October 2013

Who won Nobel prizes for science in 2013, and what did they discover?

13 September 2013

A chemical in tarantula venom can kill insect pests that eat it and might work as an environmentally-friendly...

28 August 2013

An enviromental improvement in military flares could also result in clearer fireworks display...

22 August 2013

Can we predict where to focus water checks for the 140 million people affected by arsenic contaminated water supplies?

31 July 2013

A tiny diamond-based sensor 1/50,000th of a millimetre across can be used to measure the temperature at specific points...

25 July 2013

Close study of the genome of the oil palm tree could result in significantly increased palm oil yield.

25 July 2013

Ultra-lightweight electronics fashioned from thin plastic films formed into microcircuits have been developed in Japan...

17 July 2013

A scalpel that can discriminate healthy and cancerous tissue can tell surgeons if tumours have been completely removed...

24 June 2013

How Venus lost all its water in its early history...

06 June 2013

Manganese leaching from lava stones around Mt Etna could explain a high incidence of Parkinson's disease in the...

16 May 2013

Discharging of polyisobutene at sea has killed or injured 4,000 birds...

09 May 2013

The fate of one of the world's main sources of helium is about to be decided - and prices are set to soar sky high...

02 May 2013

From 1 December this year, farmers in the EU will be banned from using three insecticides on crops that attract bees...

02 May 2013

A new floating material has been developed which can soak up oil spills, in the ongoing fight against water pollution.