27 May 2016

A new generation of "optical" clock promises to make time-keeping even more accurate.

27 May 2015

How horseshoe bats could revolutionise naval sonar…

08 May 2015

Content curation and news filtering by Facebook leads to ideological biases in the information presented to users...

27 June 2014

The trillions of bacteria on our phones reveals what bugs live on and in you, plus where you've been, research...

20 June 2014

Mountaintop exploded off to make way for world's largest telescope

13 June 2014

Exposure to mobile phone signals can cause reduced sperm quality in men, according to a new study...

27 March 2014

A black box recorder might hold the most clues to how Malaysian Airways Flight MH370 crashed - but how do they work?

20 March 2014

With the Malaysian Airlines flight MH370 still missing after nearly two weeks, some people are asking how you can lose...

07 January 2014

Are commercial companies using robots to sell you products? And how realistic are they?

20 June 2013

This week Google has tested a new baloon network which could being internet to remote locations...

30 May 2013

Optics develop to send 400Gbits per second down an optical fibre 12800km long and could reduce the price and increase...

02 September 2012

Cable-like batteries which can be tied into a knot have been developed in Korea...

01 July 2012

How can you communicate if you can’t move a muscle? This is the situation for people with ‘locked-in syndrome’ - but a...

11 March 2012

How you type a word could change the way you emotionally respond to it, and words typed with mainly the right hand seem...

27 November 2011

A Diode for light has been constructed, a true one way mirror.

04 September 2011

Tiny gold rods may give us almost complete control over light waves.

13 February 2011

Seeking to overcome the poor attendances at cardiac rehab classes by patients recovering from heart attacks and surgery...

31 October 2010

New form of graphene based reconfigurable transistor has been developed.