Drugs Non pharmaceutical)

24 November 2017

Heavy drinkers are more likely to choose strongly alcoholic drinks associated with negative emotions, such as...

27 February 2017

Many of us are probably all too familiar with the looming dread that comes with the morning after a night of drinking....

24 October 2016

Surprising insights into chemotherapy-resistant leukaemia cells open up routes for more effective treatments.

12 August 2016

A compound from fruit has been found to dissolve painful kidney stones.

14 December 2015

Bubble-encased drugs that can be popped open using laser light shone onto the skin are able to deliver controllable,...

20 October 2015

Drugs administered alongside a blast of ultrasound waves are over twenty times better absorbed, a new study has shown.

24 July 2015

An eyedrop formulation can reverse cataracts in days, a new study has revealed.

13 June 2014

New way to monitor drug levels, with a digital camera.

04 June 2014

This week, the ‘Godfather of ecstasy’,who synthesised and tested over 200 psychoactive substances, died peacefully in...

21 February 2013

Mosquitoes may become less sensitive to a common repellent, DEET, after continued exposure.

30 April 2012

Chronic cocaine use could accelerate brain aging.

25 March 2012

Scientists submerge themselves in sewage for an indication of drug use.

05 December 2011

A new study indicates that nicotine primes the brain for cocaine - by altering the structure of a gene linked to...

19 February 2006

The effects of ecstasy are enhanced by loud music, a new study has shown...