09 February 2018

Or do we have to choose?

15 December 2017

How the building blocks of life might have formed

17 August 2017

The largest volcanic range on Earth lurks below an ice sheet in Antarctica, according to researchers at The University...

07 November 2016

A new theory on the Moon's formation has been proposed by scientists and it involves a big crash and a very fast...

27 October 2016

The first fossilised dinosaur brain has been discovered by scientists in the UK...

10 June 2016

Researchers have demonstrated a unique carbon capture and storage process that can convert carbon dioxide into...

13 May 2016

Researchers have discovered a new route, which could help explain the very origins of life on Earth.

21 April 2016

Vegetarianism may the best option for feeding the growing global population if we're to avoid widespread...

10 March 2016

Bacteria that can degrade PET, one of the most commonly used forms of plastic, have been identified by Japanese...

19 February 2016

A map charting the ecosystems most vulnerable to a changing climate has been produced by scientists in Norway.

07 December 2015

More than 90% of the world's migrating birds are not protected across all of the territories they fly through.

13 November 2015

The early Earth was awash with water, new research has shown.

13 November 2015

Which reefs are most at risk from climate change? Some reef communities are composed of many species already at their...

31 July 2015

The earliest evidence of the Earth's magnetic field has been uncovered in Australian rock samples dating back 4.4...

24 July 2015

Arctic sea ice may be more resilient to changes in climate than we previously thought...

23 July 2015

Clouds formed by plankton are much brighter than those formed by pollution and could be used to help combat climate...

11 June 2015

By applying designs from nature to engineering problems, your heating bills could be reduced as nature-inspired designs...

05 June 2015

Bleached Caribbean corals compromise on greedier temperature-resistant symbionts...

11 April 2015

That the Earth's Moon owes its origins to a cosmic collision four-and-a-half billion years ago seems increasingly...

27 March 2015

Living in an area with high pollution levels could lead to increased stroke and anxiety risk.

21 March 2015

Snowfall in Antarctica will increase due to global warming, but this could make the ice melt faster, scientists in...

16 January 2015

Space ice contains the chemical building blocks for life

15 December 2014

Plastic debris adrift in the Earth's oceans poses a very real threat to both marine life and human health.

14 November 2014

The environment people live in can predict their religious beliefs, says biggest global study of its kind.