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17 March 2022

Over a hundred years after her sinking, the most daring polar underwater project has found the lost Endurance...

09 March 2022

What can we find out about the Roman's living conditions?...

01 February 2022

Tropical forests recover after deforestation much more quickly than first thought...

30 December 2021

When it comes to climate, you can have your green cake and eat it too...

01 December 2021

Faster urban heating leads to earlier tree greening

25 November 2021

Non-CO2 effects can be exploited to balance out CO2 emissions from flights...

16 November 2021

Typical A/C makes warming effect worse so we need new solutions to cool cities...

16 November 2021

Typical A/C makes warming effect worse so we need new solutions to cool cities...

08 November 2021

What is it like being Glasgow during this critical climate conference?

29 October 2021

New technology can make clean hydrogen more cheaply and flexibly

01 July 2021

As glaciers move to the ocean they act as "natural bulldozers", crushing the underlying rock and releasing...

01 July 2021

Teen tyrannosaurs may have stepped in to fill a void previously held by other meat-eating dinosaur species...

25 June 2021

There was a mysterious global shark extinction about 19 million years ago and sharks never bounced back

06 June 2021

Rivers and underground water sources don't recover from drought...

04 June 2021

Sharks gather map-like information from Earth's magnetic field

30 March 2020

The results extend what we regard as the habitable space on Earth...

21 February 2020

How can you improve flood resilience, biodiversity and tourism? Beavers!

18 February 2020

Know when to hang out your washing thanks to new wind data from this satellite.

25 January 2020

Manufacturers claim they've cut down release of this gas, but do the data agree?

12 November 2019

Sunlight can be harnessed with a new catalyst to turn CO2 back into a carbon neutral fuel

30 October 2019

Ditching a raft of genes helped marine mammals to adapt to life afloat...

23 August 2019

How can bacteria cool the climate?

14 August 2019

Oil wastewater is produced by oil companies and has been linked to increases in earthquake magnitude.

23 June 2019

How rising Antarctic winds are boosting ocean temperatures...