06 July 2018

Coffee could help reduce the risk of chronic diseases...

14 June 2018

Being hungry makes you moody - hangry - and also puts you in a negative emotional state, new research has shown...

19 January 2018

Soil samples from all over the world have been studied to uncover the bacteria they contain. The vast majority of the...

11 October 2017

Being able to pick your own workout could have benefits even after you hang up those dumbells.

03 August 2017

The use of artificial light at night, such as street lights, can harm pollination according to researchers at the...

26 November 2016

The microbes in our gut turn our genes on and off - and the healthier we eat, the more they do so, a new study finds.

25 August 2016

How lobsters eat poisonous jellyfish without getting stung.

01 July 2016

A new, non-stick surface for shampoo bottles could boost recycling.

24 June 2016

An electric field applied to liquid chocolate during processing makes it possible to cut the fat content.

07 June 2016

When given the choice of plastic particles or zooplankton, fish prefer to eat plastic. Is it time to ban microplastic...

29 January 2016

Seagrasses, which evolved on land and have since migrated back into the world's oceans, might hold the key to...

24 September 2015

Some bats use a special conveyor belt-like tongue to extract nactar from flowers

11 September 2015

Antibacterial vegetables capable of blitzing dangerous E. coli infections have been bred by scientists in Germany.

23 July 2015

Regularly drinking sugary drinks can increase your risk of type 2 diabetes by up to 20%.

16 July 2015

Mexican cave fish adapted to cycles of starvation and binge- eating have gene changes identical to some obese humans.

09 June 2015

Ladybird colour reveals to predators how toxic they are…

05 June 2015

Chimpanzees possess all of the required cognitive abilities for cooking, announces a new study from Harvard University.

03 June 2015

Cats are actually picky about bitter, not sour, tastes

23 April 2015

Study shows that bees prefer nectar laced with neonicotinoids insecticides, which could have major implications for EU...

10 March 2015

Scientists have sequenced the genome of the Hessian Fly, a major wheat pest, in order to try and reduce its impact on...

10 March 2015

Researchers have found a region of the human genome associated with peanut allergy.

13 February 2015

Scientists have solved the mystery of what makes popcorn pop.

23 October 2014

How the intestines register fullness and tell the brain to stop eating has been uncovered by researchers in the US....