05 October 2018

Scientists have found cracks in elephants skin which keep them cool and liked this cracking to a common, genetic skin...

06 July 2018

Coffee could help reduce the risk of chronic diseases...

02 February 2018

The beginning of the genome revolution?

19 January 2018

Soil samples from all over the world have been studied to uncover the bacteria they contain. The vast majority of the...

14 January 2018

Reprogrammed stem cells have been used to grow human muscles...

14 October 2017

New technique tried in human embryos

08 October 2017

Technique used for the first time in a UK lab

14 September 2017

Ancient viruses live on in our genomes.

14 September 2017

The nature of the biological switch that controls whether a female honeybee will become a sterile worker or a sexually...

17 August 2017

A way to fix problems caused by additional copies of chromosomes has been discovered by UK scientists...

11 August 2017

The constellation of genes that need to be in working order to enable the immune system to kill off cancers has been...

03 August 2017

An in-born heart defect has been fixed using gene editing in human embryos, scientists reported this week.

25 May 2017

Mice conceived using sperm flown in space are healthy and have normal fertility themselves, Japanese scientists have...

14 April 2017

Ancient proteins provide clues for biotech.

14 April 2017

A new sex test could help to save endangered sea turtles.

14 April 2017

Researchers find a molecule that can turn back the clock.

14 March 2017

Male flies with faulty Shriveled are infertile, and also have testes that shrink and shrivel with age.

10 March 2017

Scientists have constructed artificial chromosomes capable of genetically “booting up” and running in cultured cells.

14 February 2017

It’s time for our Gene of the Month, and to celebrate Valentine’s day we’ve picked the most romantic molecule we could...

14 February 2017

Fourteen new developmental disorders have been discovered by a team led by researchers at the Wellcome Trust Sanger...

14 February 2017

Doctors have successfully treated two baby girls with cancer using gene-edited immune cells.

14 February 2017

An international collaboration of researchers has discovered 83 new genetic variations linked to human height.

12 February 2017

For centuries, people have wondered what happens to us after we die. While the question will likely remain one of the...

09 February 2017

The Incas called it the "mother grain" while middle class residents of Cambridge and Canberra call it lunch....