23 February 2017

Bumblebees have been trained to roll a ball into a “goal” in reward for sugar-water. They were able to pick up the...

10 January 2017

Our gene of the month has a tale behind it.

05 January 2017

A weakened strain of malaria can safely be injected into susceptible humans to produce protective antibodies.

11 November 2016

The genes which allow Malaria to avoid treatment have been found by scientists working in Cambodia

30 September 2016

Bees can get emotional just like humans, a new study has shown...

24 June 2016

The itchiness of a mosquito bite dramatically boosts the infection rate for viruses like dengue, yellow fever and...

08 February 2016

A public health emergency has been declared this week by The World Health Organisation around the outbreak of Zika...

22 January 2016

Are there any limitations to running up a wall like a spider?

23 November 2015

Magnetism-detecting molecule that might enable animals to navigate using magnetic fields has been discovered by Chinese...

24 September 2015

Does being a good parent shorten your lifespan? The answer is yes, at least if you’re a burying beetle with a lazy...

09 June 2015

Ladybird colour reveals to predators how toxic they are…

23 April 2015

Study shows that bees prefer nectar laced with neonicotinoids insecticides, which could have major implications for EU...

12 March 2015

New high-speed video of young praying mantises leaping reveals how they manage to land cleanly every time.

10 March 2015

Scientists have sequenced the genome of the Hessian Fly, a major wheat pest, in order to try and reduce its impact on...

27 February 2015

Scientists have genetically modified plants to have their own specific insecticidal properties

28 November 2014

Malaria-spreading mosquitoes have genomes sequenced to find out why they carry the parasite and which species may be...

08 August 2014

Spider silk is the strongest substance known in nature, but how is this fibre it made and will we ever be able to...

10 July 2014

Researchers have uncovered a surprising genetic connection between the development of language in humans and learning...

07 June 2014

Crickets living on the tropical paradise of Hawaii have lost their chirp, and researchers have figured out why.

08 March 2014

US researchers have discovered that a single gene controls the complex wing patterns in female swallowtail butterflies.

01 December 2013

The 2014 FIFA World Cup may have fans reaching fever pitch for reasons other than football: the event coincides with...

13 November 2013

Researchers have found that little grasshopper mice are resistant to the painful effects of the highly toxic venom of...

13 November 2013

Sex has just got a bit more complicated – for bees, at least.

20 October 2013

Blood from the last meal consumed by a mosquito 46 million years ago has been identified inside a fossilised mosquito...