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28 November 2018

Researchers have demonstrated the potential of using imagination for treating anxiety related disorders.

09 November 2018

'Real' fake tan could one day fight skin cancer.

30 October 2018

The origin and evolution of tuberculosis has been determined from the largest study of this disease.

31 August 2018

Can the use of improved satellite navigation devices actually make driving safer?

22 June 2018

Humans may be responsible for the extinction of a newly discovered species of ape, as early as 2200 years ago.

14 December 2017

Wine glasses have ballooned in size and are now over 7 times larger than they were in the 1700s, researchers in the UK...

30 November 2017

Hundreds of fossilised dinosaur eggs, some with preserved chicks still inside, have been uncovered by scientists in...

03 November 2017

Fossil finds have revealed male woolly mammoths were more likely to fall into natural traps

15 September 2017

Bird skulls and brains resemble those of young dinosaurs and may provide insight into their evolutionary origin and...

19 March 2017

From the noses of West Africans, South Asians, East Asians, and Northern Europeans, new research has found populations...

10 March 2017

How tooth calculi are helping archaeologists to unpick what our ancestors were eating...

15 December 2016

The adage that the surefire way to garner a visit from Father Christmas is not to be naughty has been dismissed as a...

15 December 2016

Two new sets of footprints, left by an ancient human relative over three and a half million years ago, have been...

05 November 2016

The first example of a fossilised dinosaur brain has been discovered in a pebble picked up on a UK beach.

28 October 2016

New research shows how small lies escalate over time unveiling the biological basis for the slippery slope of...

27 October 2016

The first fossilised dinosaur brain has been discovered by scientists in the UK...

14 October 2016

Scientists have developed a gene editing system with the potential to cure the inherited blood disorder sickle cell...

07 October 2016

How cells recycle their waste, the mechanics of superconductivity and the crafting of nano-scale motors were...

07 October 2016

Scientists have successfully extracted proteins preserved for nearly 4 million years in ostrich eggshells.

07 October 2016

New research suggests that living forever is off the cards

25 August 2016

How lobsters eat poisonous jellyfish without getting stung.

18 August 2016

Empathy may make us learn faster when it comes to helping others, new research suggests.

04 August 2016

A genetic change that rendered modern humans resistant to the effects of smoke may explain why we flourished while...

29 July 2016

Harnessing the power of fire may have unwittingly led to the evolution of tuberculosis, according to a new study out...