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25 August 2016

How lobsters eat poisonous jellyfish without getting stung.

18 August 2016

Empathy may make us learn faster when it comes to helping others, new research suggests.

04 August 2016

A genetic change that rendered modern humans resistant to the effects of smoke may explain why we flourished while...

29 July 2016

Harnessing the power of fire may have unwittingly led to the evolution of tuberculosis, according to a new study out...

25 July 2016

Speedy chewing robot munches on paleodiet to evaluate tooth wear rate.

19 May 2016

Study finds that having Botox treatment impairs your ability to read the emotions of others.

25 February 2016

A genetic analysis of Australian aborigines confirms when their earliest ancestors first arrived on the Antipodean...

02 October 2015

The colours of extinct animals have been revealed for the first time as ancient pigments are unlocked from fossils...

25 September 2015

A man paralysed has been able to walk again thanks to a new brain-muscle interface device developed by scientists in...

24 September 2015

Sitting has been deemed the new smoking, but is fidgeting now the new standing?

11 September 2015

A cave crammed with fossil remains of a previously undiscovered human ancestor suggests that these primitive people...

21 August 2015

Scientists thought language was processed in one side of the brain, until they studied whistled languages…

14 August 2015

Five hundred year old graffiti provides clues about how society was impacted by climate change.

28 July 2015

A fossil snake unlike any other has been discovered - it has 4 legs! Could this settle some arguments about the...

28 July 2015

A landmark study showed that de-working Kenyan children boosted school attendance. Now a second look is shedding doubt...

30 June 2015

Fossils of a primitive turtle, thought to be the missing link in the evolution of the modern-day turtle, have been...

16 June 2015

Chimps have a fondness for beer and barbecuing, just like humans...

07 May 2015

Do you suffer from back pain? Blame your ancestors!

28 April 2015

Remains from a Stegosaurus burial site have led to gender identification. But how do you sex a dinosaur?

12 March 2015

Scientists have revealed we do the more socially acceptable human equivalent of dogs when they greet each other.

13 February 2015

Human languages tend to have more happy words than sad ones...

27 January 2015

Humidity and temperature are key factors in the ability to form complex tones.

22 January 2015

Herculaneum scrolls read for first time in 2000 years thanks to X-ray technology.

15 December 2014

Universities exaggerate their research findings in press releases, leading to embellishment in the media.