03 August 2017

The use of artificial light at night, such as street lights, can harm pollination according to researchers at the...

27 June 2016

Solar powered aeroplane Solar Impulse 2 has broken a world record without burning a drop of a jet fuel...

10 June 2016

A new coating, illuminated by a low-cost infrared laser, can produce powerful beams of warm white light.

24 September 2015

A material capable of invisibly cloaking three-dimensional objects has been unveiled by scientists in the US.

26 August 2015

Previously unseen interaction between beams of light could yield a breakthrough for quantum computing...

07 May 2015

A 'super-Earth' water planet could actually be volcanic, changing our understanding of volcanism and plate...

06 February 2015

Exposure to screens is affecting teenagers' sleep patterns...

14 November 2014

Lightening strikes will happen twice as often as climate changes, says new Californian research.

07 October 2014

Each year since 1901, scientists that have made a significant contribution to mankind through their research are...

04 July 2014

Shrimps use the chemical equivalent of Ray-Bans to filter light of different colours into different parts of their eyes.

27 June 2014

Electricity-producing "photovoltaic" solar panels may be about to become a lot lighter and a lot cheaper,...

04 September 2013

The 'Walkie Talkie' in London has been damaging cars this week by acting as a parabolic reflector, targeting...

04 November 2012

The light-emitting tails of fireflies have revealed a way for scientists to create more efficient LEDs.

01 November 2012

Nature has inspired researchers to make brighter, more efficient LEDs, by copying the structure of a firefly’s rear end.

21 October 2012

A group of researchers from Bristol University have discovered that the optical properties of a fish’s skin seem be...

20 May 2012

A new way of doing microscopic origami has been developed.

25 March 2012

Using a laser, a super fast camera and a clever algorithm, researchers at MIT have developed the ability to see, in 3D...

04 March 2012

Astronomers have found compelling evidence for life in the Universe – but only on Earth. Using a phenomenon known as...

05 February 2012

A clever “super-resolution” microscope has allowed researchers to observe changes in a single neuron in the brain of a...

27 January 2012

To a jumping spider, the difference of a few millimetres can determine whether it gets to eat or not. So it should come...

08 January 2012

A new method of determining the structure of a crystal has been developed which can measure the structure even though...

02 October 2011

Solar heat has been used to power air conditioning

04 September 2011

Tiny gold rods may give us almost complete control over light waves.

07 August 2011

Completely stretchy light emitting devices have been built.