14 August 2017

Stripy sea snakes are more susceptible to the harmful effects of water pollution than their black coloured counterparts...

20 April 2017

Even the deepest parts of the ocean are not safe from the footprints of humanity...

15 February 2017

Scientists have discovered that the sea may have its own pollution solution in the shape of seagrasses, which come with...

19 January 2017

A chemical found in sharks can block the process that leads to Parkinson's Disease, scientists at Cambridge...

12 August 2016

Living 500 years or more, a species of shark has swum away with the medal for world's longest-lived vertebrate...

07 June 2016

When given the choice of plastic particles or zooplankton, fish prefer to eat plastic. Is it time to ban microplastic...

13 November 2015

Which reefs are most at risk from climate change? Some reef communities are composed of many species already at their...

30 October 2015

Electric eels curl up to double the damage dealt by their electric organs and immobilise their prospective prey.

28 October 2015

The poo of large animals that are now extinct was key to the Earth's nutrient cycle.

17 September 2015

A study into Mexican fish has found that those evolved to living in caves save energy by not having eyes.

04 September 2015

A 460 million year old fossil of the oldest and largest species of marine scorpion has been discovered, measuring...

26 August 2015

Depth of fishing is key to sustainability, not the size of catch says new research...

16 July 2015

Mexican cave fish adapted to cycles of starvation and binge- eating have gene changes identical to some obese humans.

05 June 2015

Bleached Caribbean corals compromise on greedier temperature-resistant symbionts...

15 May 2015

A hot-blooded fish shows being warm-bodied isn't the solve preserve of mammals and birds...

22 January 2015

Cone snails use a weaponised insulin to disable their prey.

16 January 2015

Sea turtles use Earth's magnetic field to find their birth place

15 December 2014

Plastic debris adrift in the Earth's oceans poses a very real threat to both marine life and human health.

04 December 2014

Electric eels use remote control to force their prey to disclose themselves...

26 September 2014

Taking inspiration (and also proteins) from mussels and engineering them into bacteria, we can make a super-strong glue...

25 July 2014

Seals use offshore wind farms as bases for their hunting and fishing exploits, new research has shown.

10 July 2014

Writing in the journal Science, a team of US researchers has discovered how the electric eel got its jolt.

04 July 2014

Shrimps use the chemical equivalent of Ray-Bans to filter light of different colours into different parts of their eyes.

04 July 2014

Higher carbon dioxide levels expected next century cause fish to struggle to find their school friends, new research...