28 September 2018

Will we ever know how prime numbers are distributed along the number line?

27 February 2015

Scientists have developed an anti-oxident that can reduce the stickiness of mucus for cystic fibrosis patients.

24 December 2014

Main characters in kids' cartoons die twice as fast as their counterparts in grown-up films

13 December 2013

Air passenger links between cities internationally are the most powerful determinants of disease spread, new reserach...

27 June 2013

Did homeowners with a poor command of maths cause the global financial crisis, US researchers are wondering...?

28 September 2008

Scientists have shown that bees can count up to 4...

27 May 2007

A study of 75 school children has shown that a photocopy of their hands is all that's needed to predict their...

10 September 2006

There are still plenty of dinosaurs out there to discover, a new study has concluded...