30 November 2017

Hundreds of fossilised dinosaur eggs, some with preserved chicks still inside, have been uncovered by scientists in...

03 November 2017

Fossil finds have revealed male woolly mammoths were more likely to fall into natural traps

15 September 2017

Bird skulls and brains resemble those of young dinosaurs and may provide insight into their evolutionary origin and...

05 November 2016

The first example of a fossilised dinosaur brain has been discovered in a pebble picked up on a UK beach.

27 October 2016

The first fossilised dinosaur brain has been discovered by scientists in the UK...

07 October 2016

Scientists have successfully extracted proteins preserved for nearly 4 million years in ostrich eggshells.

25 July 2016

Speedy chewing robot munches on paleodiet to evaluate tooth wear rate.

25 February 2016

A genetic analysis of Australian aborigines confirms when their earliest ancestors first arrived on the Antipodean...

02 October 2015

The colours of extinct animals have been revealed for the first time as ancient pigments are unlocked from fossils...

31 July 2015

Unexpected internal structures have been found in the teeth of T.rex, amongst other dinosaurs...

28 July 2015

A fossil snake unlike any other has been discovered - it has 4 legs! Could this settle some arguments about the...

28 April 2015

Remains from a Stegosaurus burial site have led to gender identification. But how do you sex a dinosaur?

07 November 2014

Fossil pregnant horse with placenta and unborn foal unearthed by researchers.

30 January 2014

DNA from modern humans and Neanderthals reveals ancient interbreeding of the two species...

12 January 2014

Fossilised remains have revealed that ancient marine-dwelling dinosaurs and turtles used the pigment melanin for...

07 November 2013

Australian archaeologists have found part of a fossil from an ancient platypus that was a metre long.

20 October 2013

Blood from the last meal consumed by a mosquito 46 million years ago has been identified inside a fossilised mosquito...

10 April 2013

A chance discovery in Yunnan province in China has yielded one of the oldest and most interesting collection of...

07 February 2013

A team led by Paul Renne at the Berkeley Geochronology Center in California have shed new light on the asteroid impact...

28 June 2012

Make no bones about it, dinosaurs were warm-blooded, new research has revealed.

29 April 2012

One of archaeology's greatest questions, "did farming move across Europe with knowledge or people?" is...

29 April 2012

The timings of supernova explosions close to Earth marry up with epochs in the planet's history when the diversity...

19 June 2011

By learning from pterosaurs we may be able to make aircrafts more manouverable.