16 July 2018

The natural tendency of circulating cancer cells to seek out their parent tumours, or sites of cancer spread called...

02 November 2017

Drugs present in wastewater used to irrigate farmland can affect the growth and development of insects feeding on...

19 January 2017

A chemical found in sharks can block the process that leads to Parkinson's Disease, scientists at Cambridge...

05 January 2017

A weakened strain of malaria can safely be injected into susceptible humans to produce protective antibodies.

11 December 2016

A breakthrough therapy to rescue the tens of thousands of people killed or injured each year by carbon monoxide...

21 October 2016

Patients with knee injuries have been treated using cartilage grown from their own noses, Swiss doctors announced this...

20 October 2016

Scientists have shown that sufferers of chronic back pain report a reduction in pain when given pills they know to be...

25 August 2016

Researchers think they may have found a "coffee gene".

12 August 2016

A new chemical has been developed to treat parasitic infections responsible for three deadly tropical diseases.

12 August 2016

A compound from fruit has been found to dissolve painful kidney stones.

03 August 2016

New anti-cancer patch combats colon cancer using targeted therapy.

17 June 2016

Tobacco plant may light up the way to beat malaria.

10 June 2016

An immune system reboot can halt the progression of multiple sclerosis (MS), doctors in Canada have reported this...

27 May 2016

New insights into how cancers recur have been revealed by scientists in the US.

12 February 2016

A drug that can block the process in the brain that leads to Alzheimer's has been uncovered by UK scientists.

08 February 2016

A molecule designed using a computer modelling system protects against lethal doses of different flu strains.

20 October 2015

Drugs administered alongside a blast of ultrasound waves are over twenty times better absorbed, a new study has shown.

24 July 2015

An eyedrop formulation can reverse cataracts in days, a new study has revealed.

10 July 2015

Achieving pain-killing benefits from medical marijuana use without negative mood- and memory-altering side effects may...

26 June 2015

The missing link in the pathway that endows poppies with the ability to make morphine has been found by scientists in...

12 June 2015

Commonly-used stomach ulcer drugs could increase your heart attack risk by up to 25%, a new study has shown.

23 April 2015

Drugs, previously used to treat skin conditions, could hold the key to treating multiple sclerosis.

13 February 2015

A form of long-acting insulin that automatically activates itself in response to blood sugar levels has been created by...

06 February 2015

The way scorpion venom kills its victims has inspired a novel way to look for new drugs