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24 December 2014

Main characters in kids' cartoons die twice as fast as their counterparts in grown-up films

14 November 2014

Lightening strikes will happen twice as often as climate changes, says new Californian research.

22 October 2014

Finally the physics of fingernails has been discovered at the University of Nottingham...

10 October 2014

Detect intergalactic particles using only your smartphone, using the new DECO app.

07 October 2014

Each year since 1901, scientists that have made a significant contribution to mankind through their research are...

25 September 2014

Low-cost production of hydrogen from water using solar energy has been unveiled by Swiss scientists this week

19 September 2014

Use your chatterbox co-workers to power the entire office's electronics...

18 September 2014

Poor workmanship and materials are to blame for fracking-related contamination of water supplies, new research has...

15 August 2014

Tattoos could be a new form of human battery...

04 July 2014

Shrimps use the chemical equivalent of Ray-Bans to filter light of different colours into different parts of their eyes.

27 June 2014

Electricity-producing "photovoltaic" solar panels may be about to become a lot lighter and a lot cheaper,...

03 April 2014

Gravity measurements suggest the Saturnian moon Enceladus has a subsurface ocean lurking 30 kilometres below the icy...

24 March 2014

Three cellulosic ethanol plants are set to come online in the US in the next few months, but will they work in the...

18 February 2014

Powerful lasers have managed to create a fusion reaction that releases more energy than was put in...

07 January 2014

Will use of renewable energy take off in 2014?

05 January 2014

China has the world’s most ambitious space programme, and 2014 will see the nation take some important steps forward...

13 December 2013

Air passenger links between cities internationally are the most powerful determinants of disease spread, new reserach...

05 December 2013

How much energy is generating using renewables?

22 November 2013

The world record has been broken for the most satellites launched aboard a single rocket.

21 November 2013

Chemistry data from plankton shells could boost historical climate records

24 October 2013

The most distant galaxy yet discovered, dating from 700 million years after the Big Bang has been pinpointed by US...

15 October 2013

Who won Nobel prizes for science in 2013, and what did they discover?

04 September 2013

The 'Walkie Talkie' in London has been damaging cars this week by acting as a parabolic reflector, targeting...

28 August 2013

An expert has said that he’s deeply worried about cooling water leaks at Fukushima. But how does nuclear power work?