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06 December 2011

Giant lake beneath the ice on Europa could harbour life

04 December 2011

This week, researchers from the UK, Canada and Singapore have accomplished quantum entanglement on the macro scale,...

27 November 2011

Normally water freezes at 0 celsius but it can stay liquid much much colder, just how cold has been calculated.

20 November 2011

In September results indicating that neutrinos travel faster than the speed of light were released, this week the same...

20 November 2011

American scientists are brewing trees more effectively than ever before to make fuel for your car.

13 November 2011

Two gas clouds containing pristine samples of the gas spawned by the Big Bang has been spotted by astronomers.

09 October 2011

A comet not far from Earth has shed some light on how our planet could have come by much of its water, a new study has...

02 October 2011

Solar heat has been used to power air conditioning

04 September 2011

Tiny gold rods may give us almost complete control over light waves.

23 August 2011

Scientists from the University of Pennsylvania have discovered how coffee spills evaporate to leave hollow circular...

07 August 2011

Completely stretchy light emitting devices have been built.

12 June 2011

Researchers working on fragments of a large meteorite that exploded over Lake Tagish in Canada back in the year 2000...

27 May 2011

Jupiter's moon Io is known to be highly volcanically active - now, data collected by the Gallileo craft looking at...

27 May 2011

Up to half of all hot Jupiters may orbit their parent star contrary to the star's direction of rotation. New...

27 May 2011

Results from Gravity Probe B test and support Einstein's theories of relativity - and have only been 50 years in...

26 May 2011

A material that temporarily transforms itself into a "permanent" magnet when a small voltage is applied has...

25 May 2011

By studying the wobbles of a compound called ytterbium flouride in an electric field, scientists have discovered the...

18 May 2011

Earlier this month, a major conference was held at the Geological Society in London to discuss something that will not...

08 May 2011

Two predictions made from general relativity in 1918 have been finally tested...

08 May 2011

Researchers at CERN have managed to trap anti-hydrogen atoms for longer than ever before...

28 April 2011

At just one centimetre across, the box jellyfish makes a poor contender for being a paragon of intellect. But now new...

10 April 2011

Flaps on wind turbines may make wind power more economic

03 April 2011

A strange anomaly in the movement of the Pioneer probes may have been explained

03 April 2011

Fridges that are powered by heat are being improved