21 June 2018

For the first time ever, a robot has been used to perform surgery on the human eye

25 August 2017

Our hairy insides protect us from the full force of fluids racing through our bodies and may inspire future robotic...

19 January 2017

Researchers have resorted to robotics to help the 40 million people affected worldwide by heart failure.

26 August 2016

Rigid robots step aside — the octopus-shaped soft equivalent, “octobot” is wiggling around.

25 July 2016

Speedy chewing robot munches on paleodiet to evaluate tooth wear rate.

06 May 2016

Nanobots (really small robots) sound like science fiction, but Cambridge researchers have brought them one step closer...

04 March 2016

A soft robotic skin sensitive to touch and deformation, and with the ability to change colour like an octopus, has been...

11 June 2015

Batteries that can stretch up to 150% their original size could revolutionise the design of wearable technology...

29 May 2015

Robots that can experiment on themselves to discover ways to keep going when they are damaged have been developed...

27 May 2015

How horseshoe bats could revolutionise naval sonar…

26 March 2015

How do bats avoid mid-air collisions? With a simple set of rules, new research reveals...

19 March 2015

A revolutionary form of 3D-printing has been unveiled by researchers in the US.

12 March 2015

New high-speed video of young praying mantises leaping reveals how they manage to land cleanly every time.

19 January 2015

Do birds in flight weigh more, less or the same than they do at rest?

17 October 2014

Robots can now climb sand hills by using the motion of a sidewinder snake, says new research.

31 July 2014

It has been announced by the government that driverless cars will be trialed on the roads of the UK by January 2015.

18 February 2014

For the first time, scientists have placed tiny synthetic motors inside live human cells...

10 February 2014

The first prosthetic hand has been developed that allows its user to actually feel what they are touching, in real time.

07 January 2014

Are commercial companies using robots to sell you products? And how realistic are they?

21 March 2013

In the 7 months since it landed the Curiosity rover has rolled 738 meters but one small step for a rover has been a...

14 February 2013

Soft robots can be simple and cheap but incredibly agile - powered by explosions, they can leap at least 30 times their...

02 September 2012

A router which auto-corrects its position, allowing you to cut precision shapes by hand, has been built by researchers...

20 May 2012

A plan to rescue stranded satellites has been developed.

08 January 2012

A fuel cell has been developed which can run off the sugars in an insect....