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28 September 2022

Blood oxygen levels may soon be measured in the comfort of your own home using a personal smartphone.

22 March 2022

A fabric ear containing special fibres that detect sound

18 March 2022

DNA is a robust and dense alternative to storing digital data

17 March 2022

Over a hundred years after her sinking, the most daring polar underwater project has found the lost Endurance...

26 February 2022

At-home blood clotting tests can soon be done using only a smartphone and a drop of blood...

25 February 2022

Time and Space are linked, and gravity bends both. Now we can measure the Earth bending time over just 1 mm...

22 February 2022

How comfortable are we with facial recognition? What are the benefits, and what do we need to watch out for?

29 January 2022

Video games improved the reading skills of Italian schoolchildren...

20 January 2022

Researchers have found a pattern in Conway’s Game of Life that exhibits startling timelessness...

16 December 2021

Continuous health monitoring using smartwatches can alert to potential infections before symptoms

13 December 2021

Changes in resting heart rate can alert smartwatch wearers to potential infections before symptoms

12 November 2021

A new milestone in nuclear fusion research was achieved at the largest laser facility in the world.

06 November 2021

Predictive text models might offer insight into how humans actually process language

11 May 2021

Mining without the digging...

15 March 2020

A robot balances better than ever before by learning from human behaviour...

29 February 2020

Scientists debate the carbon cost of binging on a box-set...

18 February 2020

Know when to hang out your washing thanks to new wind data from this satellite.

17 February 2020

The energy stored in wastewater could power the equivalent of every single household in the US and Mexico

15 February 2020

Moving data at 100 gigabytes per second: that's 25 movies in under a second...

03 January 2020

Hate cleaning? Wish things just wouldn’t get dirty? Technology to the rescue...

17 December 2019

DNA stores our biological blueprint, and it can now store the blueprint of common objects too...

19 November 2019

This interactive display uses sound to produce 3D video and audio...

12 November 2019

Sunlight can be harnessed with a new catalyst to turn CO2 back into a carbon neutral fuel

01 November 2019

Engineers claim to have developed a battery technology for super-quick charging of electric vehicles…