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13 February 2015

A trial to pick up the presence of Parkinson's Disease using chemicals in exhaled air has launched in Cambridge.

13 February 2015

Human languages tend to have more happy words than sad ones...

06 February 2015

Scientists have caught a glimpse of the underside of a tectonic plate...

06 February 2015

Exposure to screens is affecting teenagers' sleep patterns...

19 January 2015

Do birds in flight weigh more, less or the same than they do at rest?

14 November 2014

People switch on genes with their thoughts using a system developed by Swiss scientists.

14 November 2014

Disease outbreaks can be predicted 28 days in advance, using the viewing figures of Wikipedia pages, new research has...

31 October 2014

Google to expand search reach to inside the human body.

17 October 2014

Robots can now climb sand hills by using the motion of a sidewinder snake, says new research.

10 October 2014

Detect intergalactic particles using only your smartphone, using the new DECO app.

03 October 2014

The development of a pedometer-like collar for mountain lions gives us an insight into their behaviour and the...

26 September 2014

Taking inspiration (and also proteins) from mussels and engineering them into bacteria, we can make a super-strong glue...

25 September 2014

Low-cost production of hydrogen from water using solar energy has been unveiled by Swiss scientists this week

19 September 2014

Use your chatterbox co-workers to power the entire office's electronics...

15 August 2014

Tattoos could be a new form of human battery...

01 August 2014

People are quick to judge, as researchers identify facial features that people associate with personality traits in a...

31 July 2014

It has been announced by the government that driverless cars will be trialed on the roads of the UK by January 2015.

25 July 2014

Seals use offshore wind farms as bases for their hunting and fishing exploits, new research has shown.

18 July 2014

Bacteria in our stomachs can quickly and effectively seek out injuries in the gut lining, sometimes causing ulcers or...

18 July 2014

Your genetic make-up determines who you make friends with, new research has revealed.

11 July 2014

Electronic devices "printed" by an inkjet printer and powered by smartphone signals have been announced by...

11 July 2014

Data on what we like to buy in supermarkets may help identify the source of food-related illness outbreaks.

27 June 2014

The trillions of bacteria on our phones reveals what bugs live on and in you, plus where you've been, research...

27 June 2014

Electricity-producing "photovoltaic" solar panels may be about to become a lot lighter and a lot cheaper,...