09 October 2015

Influenza virus can infect breast tissue and spread via breast milk, researchers have shown.

05 June 2015

A sequencing machine installed in a Sierra Leone tent is distributing virus data freely to the world and revealing how...

05 June 2015

Every virus infection you have ever contracted can now be detected by a new test developed by US scientists.

27 March 2015

A new safer Ebola vaccine has been developed by scientists.

27 January 2015

Pet dogs have been implicated in transmitting a deadly virus to lions in Tanzania's Serengeti National Park...

08 January 2015

Your mother was right, breathing cold air can help the cold virus invade...

05 December 2014

New herpes drug stops cold sores from coming back again by stopping gene activation.

23 October 2014

US scientists have developed a cheap and simple test for the Ebola virus which uses just a piece of paper and gives an...

12 October 2014

Bats are well-known carriers of human viruses, such as rabies and the headline-grabbing Ebola. But could they harbour...

10 July 2014

US government this week discovered vials of smallpox virus whilst cleaning out an old storeroom.

13 March 2014

A gel that can be applied up to three hours after sexual activity could protect women against HIV infection, new...

06 March 2014

Scientists have resuscitated a massive virus that has lain frozen for 30,000 years in Siberian permafrost.

07 February 2014

A new fatal strain of flu has been identified in a patient in China...

01 December 2013

The 2014 FIFA World Cup may have fans reaching fever pitch for reasons other than football: the event coincides with...

28 November 2013

32 years after its discovery, we investigate the history and science of HIV/AIDS

13 November 2013

Swiss scientists have made a step forward in understanding how resistance to HIV could be encoded within our own...

20 October 2013

The influenza virus bypasses defences by attacking immune memory cells that are an early warning system to prevent...

27 September 2013

Vaccination using hypodermic needles might be replaced by a breathable nanoparticle vaccine, new research suggests...

31 July 2013

Mice with humanised livers are allowing scientists to study hepatitis C virus infections thanks to a US breakthrough.

25 July 2013

A dipstick test for plague on the way

04 July 2013

The new H7N9 influenza virus identified in China poses a high risk to humans, researchers are now warning.

06 June 2013

Was Michael Douglas right when he said his oral cancer was caused by a virus?

30 May 2013

Scientists have engineered a viral vector that can convert cells lining the airways into producers of flu-fighting...

01 May 2013

Mice - and humans - infected with a lethal dose of 'flu could be saved by dosing them with a new drug, scientists...