06 June 2018

A Submersible Chamber for Ascending Specimens (SubCAS) to safely transport newly-discovered fish from the ocean’s...

21 December 2017

Not feeling the cold could be key to the ability of hibernators, like squirrels and hamsters, to snooze their way...

08 December 2017

Can computers speak dolphin?

03 November 2017

Fossil finds have revealed male woolly mammoths were more likely to fall into natural traps

21 September 2017

A large electric eel can deliver a shock ten times more powerful than a TASER, a new study has shown.

07 September 2017

Cuckoos mimic predatory hawk calls to trick other birds and increase nest invasion success, according to researchers at...

17 August 2017

Birds sense the disparity between true and magnetic north to help them navigate, new research has shown...

11 August 2017

Jesus famously turned water into wine, and now it looks like goldfish routinely do the same thing to survive in icy...

20 April 2017

Even the deepest parts of the ocean are not safe from the footprints of humanity...

08 December 2016

Pandas are highly sensitive to the scales of their habitats, and some regions earmarked for conservation are...

05 November 2016

The first example of a fossilised dinosaur brain has been discovered in a pebble picked up on a UK beach.

30 September 2016

Bees can get emotional just like humans, a new study has shown...

25 August 2016

How lobsters eat poisonous jellyfish without getting stung.

19 August 2016

Birds serenade their incubating eggs to control how their offspring will handle heat.

12 August 2016

Living 500 years or more, a species of shark has swum away with the medal for world's longest-lived vertebrate...

25 July 2016

Speedy chewing robot munches on paleodiet to evaluate tooth wear rate.

07 June 2016

When given the choice of plastic particles or zooplankton, fish prefer to eat plastic. Is it time to ban microplastic...

07 December 2015

More than 90% of the world's migrating birds are not protected across all of the territories they fly through.

23 November 2015

Magnetism-detecting molecule that might enable animals to navigate using magnetic fields has been discovered by Chinese...

20 November 2015

Scientists have found a new example of how genetics can code for complex courting behaviours

13 November 2015

Which reefs are most at risk from climate change? Some reef communities are composed of many species already at their...

15 October 2015

Plants lace their nectar with caffeine to encourage bees to keep returning and pollinate them in the process.

12 October 2015

Using light, researchers were able to control the heartbeat of a fruit fly, which could help to research and prevent...

08 October 2015

Going for a long run gave mice the same high as if they were smoking cannabis.