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31 May 2019

Engineers have found a cheap way to measure the hand’s sense of touch - paving the way to better prosthetics.

30 May 2019

Could iron deficiency in the cells of the heart lead to heart failure?

24 May 2019

Tiny obstacle courses show bacteria adapt their movement to maintain speed.

24 May 2019

Redefining a unit of measurement that was invented in 1799 has required the entire metric system to change.

21 May 2019

Does drinking order dictate hangover intensity. Cambridge scientists investigated...

21 May 2019

An app can detect middle ear fluid signalling infections in babies and children...

20 May 2019

Destroyed structures have been found as glass particles in sand.

17 May 2019

Video streaming consumes 3% of global electricity, a new study examines how streaming habits contribute.

16 May 2019

Could bacteria-killing viruses succeed where antibiotics fail?

12 May 2019

Should there be a limit on how much testosterone a woman can have?

11 May 2019

Wasps are capable of “transitive inference”, a cognitive skill previously thought to be unique to humans.

10 May 2019

Meet T-Rex's pint-sized ancestor, revealed after twenty years of mystery...

03 May 2019

The largest ever genome-wide study of bipolar has found important new genetic links.

03 May 2019

Prominently posted rules in online forums decrease harassment, whilst boosting participation, new study finds.

02 May 2019

How much do plastic bags break down in three years?

27 April 2019

A system to produce a hydrogel around grafted cells can revolutionise wound repair...

26 April 2019

Human beards contain more bacteria, and potentially more harmful bacteria, than dog fur, a study has shown...

26 April 2019

Matching more patients to treatments without any additional testing.

19 April 2019

Immune stimulants injected into a cancer turn the tumour into a vaccine site to fight the disease...

18 April 2019

Ancient DNA reveals farming was brought to Britain by migrants, not adopted by local hunter-gatherers.

15 April 2019

Could light help to treat blindness in premature babies?

12 April 2019

An advanced camera captures an ancient star.

12 April 2019

Renewable energy offers a better pathway to tackle climate change than capturing CO2, according to a new study

05 April 2019

New wearable cancer blood-testing device plugs directly into patients’ veins to test continuously.