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12 December 2018

New technologies and advances in biology may impact the way we study and treat neurodegenerative disease…

11 December 2018

Chris Hadfield and Stuart Clark take us to the future.

08 December 2018

Effects of chemotherapy can be boosted by the sugar mannose, a new study has shown...

07 December 2018

‘Nano-tweezers’ create electric fields capable of trapping single molecules and extracting them from living cells.

04 December 2018

A soft robot has been given a ‘nervous system’ so it can sense when you touch it.

30 November 2018

A lab-grown placenta is a "transformative" step for investigating early stage pregnancy and how it can go...

28 November 2018

Researchers have demonstrated the potential of using imagination for treating anxiety related disorders.

26 November 2018

By filtering short DNA fragments from blood, scientists can detect, track and monitor cancers with far greater...

23 November 2018

Termite mounds up to 4,000 years old have been discovered in Brazil...

21 November 2018

Every 4 minutes someone in the UK dies of cancer, researchers look for an improved treatment.

16 November 2018

A galaxy in the early universe feeds off its smaller neighbours...

15 November 2018

Intestinal bacteria can trigger the development of conditions like type 1 diabetes, a new study has shown...

09 November 2018

'Real' fake tan could one day fight skin cancer.

06 November 2018

A cell scaffold that recreates the mechanical, biological and electrical conditions that cells need to grow inside...

06 November 2018

Non-genetic traits inherited between generations are rarer than previously thought, according to a new study in Cell.

30 October 2018

The origin and evolution of tuberculosis has been determined from the largest study of this disease.

26 October 2018

If we can't see them, how do we know they're there?

26 October 2018

Mass coral bleaching in 2016 has affected the fierce butterfly fish.

18 October 2018

Four gas giants form from the dust of a junior star...

12 October 2018

Young people are drinking less or not starting to drink alcohol at all, a new study finds.

11 October 2018

How thyroxine controls retinal development...

05 October 2018

With NASA turning 60, Professor Andrew Coates of University College London, spoke to Sam Brown about what's next...

05 October 2018

Scientists have found cracks in elephants skin which keep them cool and liked this cracking to a common, genetic skin...

28 September 2018

Will we ever know how prime numbers are distributed along the number line?