What happens to sperm that isn't ejaculated?

08 November 2009



What happens to all the sperm that isn’t ejaculated, where does it go and is it still healthy?


Chris - This is a very good question; healthy testes make sperm at the rate of between 1000 and 5000 sperm cells per second. These collect in a long coil of tubes above and behind each testicle called the epididymis, where they are stored until needed. The testes hang external to the body within the scrotum to achieve an optimal temperature for sperm production. This is because sperm are made most efficiently at a slightly lower temperature than body temperature.

In the epididymis the sperm are nourished and make their way to the vas deferens, which is a muscular tube connecting the testis to the urethra up inside the male body. When sperm are ejaculated they are pushed along the vas deferens by rhythmic contractions of the musculature. Once inside the body, secretions from the prostate gland and seminal vesicles are added, producing the semen that is ejaculated from the penis. 

However, although they can survive there for quite a long period within the male anatomy, a fraction of the sperm that are made are never ejaculated. Instead, they will senesce and are broken down. And of course all the things that you take into your body, cigarette smoke, other toxins and things will damage the sperm potentially. So they have a sort of recycle time. And sperm that have reached their sell-by-date get broken down in the same way that, let's say, blood cells get broken down. And, basically, any of the nutrients and goodies in the sperm just get recycled back inside the body, and new sperm are produced to make up for the shortage.

Helen: - So it's a kind of continual, sort of, replacement, really...?

Chris: - Exactly. Those that don't leave the body eventually break down, and their components are recycled.


I have night fall problem in case of if i don't eject my self for 5 days
what should i do to treat this

Is it possible for actual sperm to come out thru sweat when doing semen retention for 2 months?

That won't happen

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...it is still like a dream to me...

Funny you should say that; maybe that's because it is a dream and you just made the whole thing up.

You are just a shallow oik who is abusing this website with spam intended to prey on the misfortune of others; take your misinformation elsewhere please.

Does accumulation of sperm cause prostate cancer?

What can i use to clean the block, whe i have sex i can feel i am cumming and nothing comes out

I have masturbated for over 63 years daily. Until I was 40 I would often cum 8-10x/day.
Then I began to extend these intimate sessions and cum less. With discipline I've learned to maintain a sexual high almost indefinitely and to have thousands of orgasms in a day but not ejaculate. The sexual might of these orgasms was unimaginable when I was in my twenties.
It's very fulfilling and my physician says I have the prostate of a healthy teen. Despite all of my self-lovemaking, I still have a satisfying love life with my spouse. I have 3 adult children and a busy social life. But now that I'm retired...

Doing my own research, are you balding and or did you start balding at a younger age? I'm thinking obviously that too much ejaculation might deprive the body of certain nutrients it uses for the hair

What happens to the remaining sperm after ejucalation?

Each time i try No Fap for 30days my Sperm Slightly Change Color... Is It Because The Sperm Doesn't Recycle or Because The Sperm Is Old? And if i do Masturbate Twice A Week The Color Seems To Be Normal. Why?

Maybe what you saw when you tried NoFap was the normal colour and the one you consider normal is actually the abnormal one.

If you don't ejaculate about how long does it take for all sperm in body to break down and go away?

The turnover time for sperm produced in the testes and not ejaculated is days to weeks. A good guide is to ask how long does a man remain potentially fertile after a vasectomy: according to data from Johns Hopkins in the US, 85% of men will show no sperm in their ejaculate 10 weeks after the procedure. But that means 15% of men still do, indicating that at least some sperm can remain viable in the vas deferens and seminal vesicles for more than 2 months.

Since I was born I only had sex once when I was 18 now I'm 22 and I have not had sex but I feel pains and choked what should I do please?

"have not had sex" including ejaculation?

Stopping masturbation after long time can cause any side effects?

The side effects of abruptly ceasing masturbation are likely to be higher libido and frustration!

Thanks Chris.,...I'm definitely FRUSTRATED,I'm'79 but I think I'll get over it hopefully!!!!!!!!! mick.

Sir, please try meditation and hypnosis for celecacy which you can easily find on YouTube.

I am not getting sperm out while masterbatting. Just 2 to 3 drops out. Is there any problem inside with this

Sperm not getting out when musterbatting

I am at day 12. I don't dislike tapping for any religious reasons. But it had been a gateway to porn addiction for over 10 years. To change that I thought I would go about for 90 day no fap. Before this time, I was seeing pain in lower abdomen at day 6-7. I saw my semen to brown. I went to a doctor, he was more uncomfortable than me on fap talk. Now i am on day 12,and pain is getting deeper. In the left side, it's difficult to move. What should be the way ahead? Is a feeling of strain building up which might burst.

Please go see a a doc. You might be having an infection that's why the color is brown.

my boyfriend gets erection but it doesnt last long n also he dont get semen secretion. what is it? please explain

It's probably the case of erectile distinction. Which can be treated very easily. Ask him to take some viagra( its readily available in medical stores across the country. Many times even without a prescription. Recommended dose 50mg.

If im having trouble sleeping, i fap ejac. It knocks me out and i get good sleep. For sex, i fap, n then go into the foreplay. ^.^ 2nd rounds n 3rds were always better and longer with that method.

I try to masturbate my penis up and down until it reach orgasm, but i control to prevent my cum, not the squeezze techniques neither covering the end, but i really control not to release it, does it harmful on my vas deferens, epydidimis, and seminal vesicle?

...it sounds like what you are doing is harmless.

But it is paining to me in my balls and right kidney

it will cause strain on your prostate, I know a lot of people do this like reaching a state of orgasm but stopping ejaculation but it causes strain on prostate and nervous system since your emotions send strong impulses to your body and your body starts preparing and u never ejaculate causing the process to b broken, it will also cause Headaches back pain due to stimulation of the nervous system and yeah u may feel weak in legs too.

I often masturbate for hours without releasing sperm. Does the recycled cum increase my testosterone?

No, because testosterone will already been in equilibrium between the seminal fluid and the body fluids, so there will be little net movement between the two.

Does the DNA coding in recycled sperm account for abnormal birth defects if lets say a retarded sperm is broken down and then mixes with a normal sperm to create sperm that retarded and deformed?

Does masturbating help keep the chances of retarded sperm from mixing with normal sperm?

When sperm cells are recycled, like any recycled cell in the body, they are degraded completely, including their DNA, which is enzymically broken apart to its basic building blocks. So no vestige remains.

I had fracture approx 25days ago.since then I Did no have sex with my wife now since the last two days I am having erections during sleep and pressure in the groin I am 63 but still sexually and physically active my wife always tries to abstain from sex .what should I do now to relive the pressure in my groin at night.

Try jerking off before going to sleep.

u should meditate and calm mind before going to sleep this will help u relax body and mind u won't even get wet dreams much less erection.

I'm planning to do nofap in a weird way. One of the benefits of nofap is to assure that the sperm was absorbed back in the body, which is good because the body gets some nutrients. So the plan is, fap right after it was absorbed. By doing so, you have both your nutrients back and you are also decreasing the chance of getting prostate cancer. In other say, what's the optimal time to fap?

does reabsorption of sperm means use of it? does this retention increase our learning and reminding power

I want to point out something and everyone here is welcome to share their own thoughts... If one stops Sex or masturbation so as not to ejaculate the next problem is wet dream which is still ejaculation... so what is the solution? I wonder all these folks who are on nofap and those who don't marry if don't they have wet dream...I'm thinking having sex or masturbating without ejaculation might be better in the case of handling wet dream

You will get tension in the groin

just like commenter above me said "Having sex without ejaculating is the biggest mistake ever it causes pressure in groin" as for wet dream, meditate and calm/relax your mind before sleeping u wont have any if u are sufficiently relaxing.

Since I Started Having Sex, Sperm Never Come Out Of My Panis, Does It Mean Am Impotence Or Does Not Last For Time Needed...Please Advise Needed

To much sex can cause that problem all jokes aside.and there are men im guessing that might be choking their chicken a little much if you know what I mean without saying it the wrong way.but it's not uncommon

Young age may cause this, or too much ejaculation can also cause this. But usually you can cum once you reach age 12-14 ave. But it can take as long as 16-18 even. Ive heard of really late bloomers..(its not a big deal)..but otherwise you could ask a doctor..which wouldn’t be even close to an odd question compared to the things others asked doctors. (Trust me)

What are the effect or cause of low sperm counts?

I want to ask so something , I’m now 20 yo and i never beat my meat before and now when i try to nothing comes out shall i be scared or what should i do?

It was the same for me, first time definately took longer. No reason to be scared just keep at it with a fair amount of lube, spit or even better pre cum.

When i sleep i have sex dream but i got wet sperm when i wake up but if i sex in life i cant se any sperm when i unirate i get small sperm with red blood pleas what can i do

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