What happens to sperm that isn't ejaculated?

08 November 2009



What happens to all the sperm that isn’t ejaculated, where does it go and is it still healthy?


Chris - This is a very good question; healthy testes make sperm at the rate of between 1000 and 5000 sperm cells per second. These collect in a long coil of tubes above and behind each testicle called the epididymis, where they are stored until needed. The testes hang external to the body within the scrotum to achieve an optimal temperature for sperm production. This is because sperm are made most efficiently at a slightly lower temperature than body temperature.

In the epididymis the sperm are nourished and make their way to the vas deferens, which is a muscular tube connecting the testis to the urethra up inside the male body. When sperm are ejaculated they are pushed along the vas deferens by rhythmic contractions of the musculature. Once inside the body, secretions from the prostate gland and seminal vesicles are added, producing the semen that is ejaculated from the penis. 

However, although they can survive there for quite a long period within the male anatomy, a fraction of the sperm that are made are never ejaculated. Instead, they will senesce and are broken down. And of course all the things that you take into your body, cigarette smoke, other toxins and things will damage the sperm potentially. So they have a sort of recycle time. And sperm that have reached their sell-by-date get broken down in the same way that, let's say, blood cells get broken down. And, basically, any of the nutrients and goodies in the sperm just get recycled back inside the body, and new sperm are produced to make up for the shortage.

Helen: - So it's a kind of continual, sort of, replacement, really...?

Chris: - Exactly. Those that don't leave the body eventually break down, and their components are recycled.


u should go see a doc.

Dear Doctor,

I am married, while doing sex during the time of ejection some 1/2 amount liquid will come out and 1/4th of liquid goes to upper right side kidney and 1/4th right leg nerve..
Kindly advice

Im sorry, but the amount and process of making that much sperm and prostatic fluids In now way is healthy! This Idiot female has not clue about any Male anatomy nor test results to speak of. No , its now Decided by most urologist that not ejaculating regularly can raise prostate cancer risk! its the function of all the glands that producing their parts of semen that do not halt because you stop ejaculating. that would be hard after a period of time anyway yet still the fluid doesnt just recycle. the old stagnating sperm and fluid rots as new is produced which is never good. Females Eggs and lining rot but they leave the body. Theres no recycling to decay!

Why would you call females idiots? Do you really think we are that we don't know what happens to the male body? You are the IDIOT if you think that!

I'm pretty sure he didn't call females idiot. He said, "idiot female," indicating that particular idiot was a female. In no way I believe he called all females idiots. He does seem pretty stupid but I don't think he's sexist. He just said that idiot which happens to be a female "has not clue" xD

Highlighting the word female when calling somebody an idiot indicates that The speaker considers Gender causative of the idiocy. It was insulting and the Female commenting deserves an apology.

It is right to think that females give birth to males. But there is no chance for a female knowing how a male feels inside the body when he is aroused. Because male body build is different from female. And in addition to that they cannot get the same feeling as male arousal is mainly bodily expression and female arousal is a kind of body and also mind . The feelings are different. Moreover a male gets arousal only if a female is attractive particularly to his taste regardless of whether a particular girl is beautful or not. Some girls are beautiful but not attractive. There is subtle differences between beauty, attraction, arousal.

So Chris...where does this recycle process take place and how?can you please ellabourate?

nice question .please answer

I want to know that when a man stopping the sperm by hand so it's going back to their position or not or it's harmful ,and the dopamine is going back to Brain or not

Hi Chris
I'm currently on a nofap journey and many people there in the forum are saying that you get so much energy and have much a healthier life if you don't ejaculate because your body can keep the energy and stuff from sperm which mean that you have a lot more energy for other things.
I really don't believe in that but I'm looking for evidence for on or the other opinion.
Can you reason why or why not the body can have (significant) more energy because of the recycling of sperm? How much energy does it really need to produce sperm? Is it that significant or is a small workout much more strenuous?
Is the body really releasing significant amounts of nutrients during ejaculation?

Don Juan in the Carlos Castenada books takes about the use of energy, and how it needs to be conserved in order to become a man of knowledge. The unique abilities achieved require vast amounts of energy. Creating life during sex is a bestowment of awareness in another being and is not to be taken lightly.

You’ve spoken some real words my man. We need more people like you.

Guys its a fact that approx 32 kgs of food makes 800grams blood and that 800 gm blood makes 20grams of sperm
Means masturbating destroys your energy a lot and if u stop ejaculating definitely you can live a healtheir life
Refer to the ancient indian ''brahmachari jeevan (life)" of those legends who never got married or ejaculate refer to the ancient knowledge of india and china

Can we see the published evidence to support that claim please?

Everything he said was stupid.

"its a fact that approx 32 kgs of food makes 800grams blood"

Because energy from food is measured in weight? So if i ate 32kg of chocolate id be the same as 32kg of apples?

Then he talks about some nonsense after

I just wanna have an erection at any time on n on and I know if I dont ejaculate I be able to do so that's why I wanna no if its harmful

i dont know if its recycled but let me tell u my experience, I was on treatment for tuberculosis for 9months and i was so fatigued(i didn't even have the energy to speak I spoke a lot less at that time and came off as an arrogant guy :P ) after treatment, i dont know why i started nofap may b just to try out, but at first i went 3 days then 8 days then relapsed then 10 days and then i felt my spine,and brain go warm and that warmth was bordering hot and i couldnt sleep at noon because of that ,persisted from day 8 and at 10th day i felt so good and relapsed but this relapse didnt cause much fatigue to me just some pressure on the back of my head but it really cleared my brainfog and fatigue (i won't say its fully gone but yeah i do feel physically stronger than that time)after that I m on off doing like 10 days-15 days and i do realize difference, i think my body is better absorbing nutrients than when i was fapping.

I thought sperm was stored in the epididymis, not in the seminal vesicle. Am I wrong?

you are right bro...no one else noticed the mistake

How many days it takes to recycle the not ejected semen

I once read that the lifetime of sperm is 10 days

But I have read that sperm live for only two days

when making love nd d man decide not to release a sperm what effect does it have?

I think the likely answer is "frustration", but it's not harmful...

How leave expired sperm from our body without sex or ejaculation.

From past two weeks I can't ejaculate . Semen goes to the bledder or testes instead of going out of penis. Is this normal ? How this can be treated?

Are you diabetic by chance? That happens sometimes to diabetics. Doesn't necrssarily mean you are, but you should check it out.

When a man ejaculate either by sex or masturbation dors there any mature sperm left behind in body after ejaculation? Can we go for conceive after ejaculation ? May be after a month or few weeks ?

How can i help this suation lik this

What happens to sperm if my penis is hard for 5 min and then i loose erection without ejaculation? I mean there is no defect but i m conscious to know what happens of i have erection for 5 min and then back to normal. Whats the story pf sperm then?

It stays stored in the epididymis.

A friends wife witholds sex from him and he is so short tempered. Could this cause his health or mental health to decline. They have bern married three years a only had sex about 5 times.

There is no problem if you do not ejaculate for months, all the sperm is released by decomposing or have nocturnal ejaculations?

I didn't ejaculate while having sex with my wife (because I had to leave, our neighbours came to our home for little chit chat), right after 20mins or so I started to feel pain in my testicles and it gradually increased. I drank 3-4 glass of water and went to sleep, that night was so painful for me, however everything became fine on morning. Later I searched and found that this situation is called "blue balls". I just want to ask that is this harmful to keep those ready to be shipped semen inside body? What happen to those sperms which are ready to be released but not released?

I have also experienced this many times if because of some reason you didnt ejaculate later your testicle cavity will be swollen or painful leading to severe pain which is called trojan or blue ball whatever , further what i experienced is , the sperms or semen left in the vein starts work which is the not the actual venue of them to be functional so opposing that grounds sperem reacts and causes pain , sometimes it can be more severe and i suffered through inflammation, burning sensation when urinate , sting at glan's opening just like a wound and pyodine combination , may be the reaction of sperms or the semen left inside the main stream line starts making it like this , the better idea is to ejaculate intime while having intercourse or after with fist hoodwink, a sexologist told me if you have blue ball situation try to strectch your testes with your hand to get some comfort

Brotha don't worry the condition is temporary and nothing serious PS:- when u have sex or masturbate u will or ur testis will release sperms or semen out during ejaculation so always remember never stop midway during sex or ejaculation it will cause pain and discomfort but nothing serious God Bless!

I have edged for a long time now and did not ejaculate. Will it cause any problems? As you said, the sperm is mixed with prostate and other liquids. So at just last stage before ejaculating, I stopped myself (I don't know why). Can this be a problem in the future? What will happen to that sperm?

I have been told by a Tantric teacher that abstaining from ejaculation is good for a number of things.
I had a vasectomy 10 years ago so I dont release sperm anyway.
Is it at all harmful to abstain from ejaculation for long periods (a month or a number of months) while having an active sex life?

When any religion tells you that it is a sin to not ejaculate unless it is inside of a woman they are trying to force you too breed for their own selfish notions of wealth.

If a male Jack's off to much what could happen like is their any side effects of it and I'm talking about like every other day

Masturbation is not harmful and, in fact, may be protective against certain diseases, including prostate cancer.

Masturbating too much can be bad for your sex life. It may be harder to get off with your girl or even get a hard on. I've had two friends that it happened to. They had to stop for about a month just to get sex to work again. Poor Dudes..

is it safe when you don't release sperm during sex??

No, this is not going to do you physical harm. But if this is involuntary and something that happens often it might be a symptom of an underlying problem, including psychological problems, which should be investigated.

Is there any effect in future to me if did not ejaculate sperm in adolosense age...

Funny, but I was told many times by professionals that not ejaculating it out is not safe, as you do not release all that bacteria stored! How can retaining all that seemen then be safe? I had surgery and have held back on sex because my body goes into a spin after orgasm. But I am afraid holding that all in will or may cause Prostate Cancer. I dont trust all these non-professionals giving answers!

Sperm are at no time stored in the seminal vesicles. This information is completely inaccurate. Sperm is stored in the epididymis. Sperm only leave the epididymis during the process of ejaculation by ascending up the vas deferens before then mixing with seminal fluid released from the seminal vesicles. At no stage does sperm enter the seminal vesicles.

Since sperm is absorbed by the body, what is the connection between unejaculated sperm and prostate cancer?

there is no connection between unejaculated sperm and prostate cancer.

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