Articles, podcasts, interviews and answers to questions about SARS-CoV-2, the virus that causes Covid-19, and the wider coronavirus family...

21 March 2020

How is Covid-19 affecting the gaming industry?

21 March 2020

How is the new Coronavirus affecting the gaming industry?

20 March 2020

How does the immune system respond to SARS-CoV-2?

19 March 2020

The mission to build a reusable launcher for Europe...

17 March 2020

How do you predict how a disease will spread?

17 March 2020

We look at some clever solutions for sustaining cities into the future...

14 March 2020

How to slow down Covid-19, problem marine plastics, and does hot water freeze faster than cold water?

14 March 2020

The UK stance is currently at odds with the response across Europe. Is this the right approach to controlling the...

05 March 2020

Would this protect communities where the coronavirus hasn't yet established?

05 March 2020

Are the victims younger? Or have they maybe developed antibodies?

05 March 2020

Listener Lorna had this query about her own cancer treatment...

05 March 2020

Before we get into the questions, it's time to introduce the panel...

05 March 2020

Time to sate that curious mind! Our panel answers questions on the coronavirus, solar storms, and much more...

03 March 2020

As cases climb beyond 80,000, how is the world reacting?

03 March 2020

Researchers are using AI to discover new drugs...

17 February 2020

Chris Smith takes the world's temperature - from a proposal for a vaccine

17 February 2020

This week we delve into the disease that accounts for a quarter of all cancer in men: prostate cancer...

10 February 2020

Data on the emerging situation from China, and where this new virus originated...

08 February 2020

The World Health Organisation declare the Chinese coronavirus outbreak a global health emergency. Chris Smith returns...

07 February 2020

Do facemasks protect against viruses? And why can I hear my sonic pest repeller?

06 February 2020

Chris Smith's appearance on Radio New Zealand National, January 2020

30 January 2020

Where did the disease come, and how far might it spread?

14 January 2020

What's the culprit for this new virus?

12 October 2003

What's special about stem cells?