Articles, podcasts, interviews and answers to questions about SARS-CoV-2, the virus that causes Covid-19, and the wider coronavirus family...

16 August 2021

Who is most at risk, and what are the most common symptoms?

13 August 2021

Unravelling why younger age groups appear to be sluggish when signing up for their vaccine

10 August 2021

Using traces of DNA from soil, water and air to uncover animals from past and present...

09 August 2021

We produce antibodies after vaccination, but how many do we need to prevent infection and the spread of COVID?

07 August 2021

The consequences of freedom day on Covid-19 numbers in the UK...

30 July 2021

Despite many predictions, Covid cases continue to decline after 'Freedom Day', so what's going on?

30 July 2021

Ventilation is hugely important to stop the spread of Covid, but what's the best way to ventilate our homes?

27 July 2021

Will we break fewer records this year, and why are billionaires racing for space?

27 July 2021

The Joint Committee of Vaccination and Immunisation (JCVI) have elected not to vaccinate 12 to 16 year olds...

27 July 2021

Millions of work and school days have been lost as people are pinged by the UK Covid-19 app...

27 July 2021

Athletes will have to perform to empty stadia and award their own medals...

27 July 2021

Is opening up in the face of significant case numbers genius, or morally reprehensible?

20 July 2021

Bees, body odour, and beaming pictures from space: we've gone behind the scenes of this year's digital fair

20 July 2021

With mixed data on the effectiveness of masks, are people just not wearing them properly?

19 July 2021

Is the COVID-19 chapter ever going to be over?

13 July 2021

Listener Geoff says he experienced unusual COVID symptoms - having been double vaccinated already...

13 July 2021

UK COVID cases are on the rise again - and unfortunately, so are rates of hospitalisations...

12 July 2021

Soft drinks make lateral flow tests give a false positive result. Why?

05 July 2021

Could playing the bagpipes help your lungs recover after you've had COVID?

05 July 2021

New results from the Com-Cov trial mixing doses of COVID vaccines are promising

05 July 2021

Could playing bagpipes help to expand the lungs and be beneficial if you are recovering from Covid?

29 June 2021

Could the microbiome of the lungs be the difference between asymptomatic and symptomatic COVID-19?

28 June 2021

What is the latest with the coronavirus situation?