Articles, podcasts, interviews and answers to questions about SARS-CoV-2, the virus that causes Covid-19, and the wider coronavirus family...

11 May 2021

Are the claimed medical benefits rooted in reality, and what is the science of sauerkraut?

11 May 2021

A new vaccine strategy considers immunising kids over 12 to head off an autumn coronavirus surge...

08 May 2021

It's full of hydrogen and oxygen, so why is water incombustible?

06 May 2021

With rollouts occurring around the world, what are some of the benefits of mixing vaccine doses?

04 May 2021

Brown University physician Ashish Jha explains...

27 April 2021

We’re looking at how to improve the green credentials of the homes we live in...

27 April 2021

The world's second largest population is in the grip of an enormous second wave of COVID-19...

27 April 2021

How widespread is the Indian Covid-19 variant, and does it underpin the surge there...

20 April 2021

Why do the COVID lateral flow tests need you to stick a swab right up your nose?

20 April 2021

Real-world data shows the vaccine's effectiveness

20 April 2021

We look at the potential for another wave to hit the UK.

19 April 2021

If the AZ vaccine causes blood clots, why do affected individuals have low platelets?

16 April 2021

Mixing vaccines, and risk factors for brain blood clots...

15 April 2021

Face masks have their place, but what's really needed right now is a breath of fresh air and a dose of common...

14 April 2021

A vaccine update, and why dogs and cats do circles in the beds...

13 April 2021

A sensible preventative measure, or a dangerous risk?

13 April 2021

How accurate are they compared to PCR tests? And is this strategy likely to help prevent transmission?

13 April 2021

Due to the potential risk of rare blood clots, under 30s are to be given the option of a different vaccine

13 April 2021

From ancient date seeds producing fruit to pesky plant parasites, we're digging into the world of seeds

08 April 2021

Are the genes that helped us triumph historically now sowing the seeds of our metabolic undoing in the time of Covid-19?

30 March 2021

What should the hospital of the future look like?

26 March 2021

What masks can and cannot block, and why some people refuse to believe that Covid-19 is the real deal...

23 March 2021

What happens between the first COVID vaccine and the second?

23 March 2021

Pulling information out of what we leave behind