Articles, podcasts, interviews and answers to questions about SARS-CoV-2, the virus that causes Covid-19, and the wider coronavirus family...

26 October 2020

Also, why ice cubes stick to my skin, and why shop-bought but not home-reared chickens have soft bones and tender meat...

20 October 2020

An old TB vaccine may help in this new fight

20 October 2020

What's the science behind COVID reinfection?

20 October 2020

We take a walk in the woods, to understand the science of trees

19 October 2020

Plus, how smoking hijacks the brain's pleasure centres, and where Covid-19 came from...

16 October 2020

From G614 to RDRP, here's the changes in the virus that are worth knowing about...

16 October 2020

The main genetic risk factor for serious coronavirus infections comes from Neanderthals...

16 October 2020

A severe COVID risk factor in our genes; tracking the translatlantic slave trade; and a genetics video game...

14 October 2020

When a pathogen jumps from an animal to a human, bad things can happen...

14 October 2020

The training you get at university will only last you 5 years now, so how do you keep current, post-Covid?

13 October 2020

An intensive care doctor explains Trump's COVID treatments, and the current best practice...

13 October 2020

This gene cluster is linked to more severe COVID-19 infections, and perfectly matches Neanderthal DNA...

13 October 2020

The world is going online, and the economy is changing drastically. How will education and training adapt?

13 October 2020

Chris is joined by palaeoanthropologist Lee Berger and BMJ editor Theo Bloom to dissect the latest science...

12 October 2020

Do weight changes affect our bones, Also, why take a whale carcass to landfill?

08 October 2020

As coronavirus cases surge again, we review the latest Covid-19 news...

06 October 2020

What exactly is a period? And why, in 2020, is period poverty such a problem?

02 October 2020

15,000 students are arriving for the new academic year at Cambridge University: what experience awaits them?

29 September 2020

A new test to detect coronavirus in record time

25 September 2020

Europe needs investment on a ‘wartime footing’

25 September 2020

Also,Covid outbreaks in Britain, and would a baby exposed to 5 languages from birth learn all of them...

22 September 2020

New coronavirus restrictions in England include a six-person limit on gatherings. What's the reasoning?

21 September 2020

AstraZeneca's Covid vaccine trial was temporarily halted recently. Why? And what does this mean for our chances of...

20 September 2020

And are some microbes immune? Also, life on Venus, and same-sex relationships in the animal world...