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Title: Creationism and the Spacetime Continuum
Post by: Andre O on 11/03/2013 20:20:29
As I was watching a video about ancient Hebrew culture it said that many ancient cultures had a somewhat similar idea of space and time to what modern science believes. Out of curiosity looked up this theory and found out Einsteins theory is basically that if you treat space and time as synonymous, moving through space would create a shift in time. At normal speeds this is unnoticeable, but if you were to get up near the speed of light it would cause time to travel quite a lot slower.
However, since time is only relative in theory it also applies differently over very large distances. If an alien was walking towards us it might shift the time between us and him by something like 400 years (if he was galaxies away).

So then if God used the big bang theory in creating the world, would this cause the earth to be moving either toward/away from God's viewpoint as the universe explodes at nearly the speed of light? And multiplied over the HUGE distance in space could that cause the shift in time between God's view point and the view point of earth to mean that what might appear as one day to God really IS several billion years here on earth?

I know this in itself isn't proof God exists; I'd just like to know if it could be right. So feel free to disprove it if it's incorrect as I'd rather know.