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Title: Heim-theory
Post by: Soul Surfer on 10/01/2006 19:56:12
If you want to explore new theory that offers some interesting possibilities look into Heim theory

there is an article on it in this week's New Scientist but they have sensationalised it a bit by concentrating on some of the more spectacular possibilities.

Heim theory as a quantum gravity theory has been around for quite a long time is being taken more seriously by the scientific world.

The most important thing that it appears to do is predict accurately the masses of the fundamental particles quite accurately which at the moment is more than any other theory of everything manages.

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Title: Re: Heim-theory
Post by: DocN on 10/01/2006 21:13:38
Thanks for that information.  I've been study physics for over fifty years and have heard very little about this theory.  As you state, it does seem to have some merit.  Unlike Einstein, Heim takes quantun theory into consideration and the calculated lifetime of particles, is extremely important.  Maybe the physic world should take another look.